SpiceJet 3 Day Super Sale 50% off

spicejet50SpiceJet is offering 50% off on all flights when you book at least 30 days prior to your travel. Sale ends at 23:59 hours on 23rd Jan.

SpiceJet: Super Sale

7 Responses to “SpiceJet 3 Day Super Sale 50% off”

  1. sajad says:

    Amazing offer. Booked flight ticket in sleeper bus fare.

  2. Biswajit says:

    Booked Kolkata-Bangalore onward & return ticke\t for 5326.Thanks SMI

  3. Sri says:

    All seats are sold our for any date u see within the given range uptill 15th April 2014

  4. mehul shah says:

    Its only on direct flight & selected dates.

  5. mehul shah says:

    Purchase from Expedia or Yatra for additional discounts.

  6. Shah Jahan says:

    For all Mumbai to Lucknow flights, it says Super Sale Fare – Fare Sold Out.
    Thus, it is charging the regular full price!

  7. vivaswan says:

    what about the student discount ……shri nagar to delhi round trip 6877 … and wid student discount 7265 .. wht is this ??????????? fake offer

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