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syskaFlipKart is offering minimum 40% off on Syska LED Bulbs. Free shipping on orders above Rs. 500 & Rs. 40 / item on orders below Rs. 500.

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Good Buys:
Syska LED Bulb 5W Rs. 99
Syska LED Bulb 7W Rs. 119
Syska LED Bulb 9W Rs. 124
Syska LED Bulb 12W Rs. 195
Syska LED Bulb 15W Rs. 220
Syska LED Bulb 18W Rs. 259

2 Responses to “Syska LED Bulbs minimum 40% off from Rs. 99 – FlipKart”

  1. Anand says:

    In philips its best in service i purchased from paytm and other sites online 1 bulb 9watt was defected within 3 months i called Philips tollfree number and they told the number on bulb and they replaced the bulb by sending through courier so i was very satisfied and always trusted customer service of them. Rest other companies service i dont know how to replace as eveready doent have any tollfree number only mail id so difficult to contact them and have to visit their service centre for replacement so be carefull on online purchases of led bulbs

  2. Rakesh says:

    In case there’s any issue, where do you get it replaced?
    The local vendors don’t accept as the item is not bought from their shop. :(

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