Tang Orange Rs. 1 – Tradus

tang-orangeTradus has Tang Orange for Rs. 1. Features fruit flavored drink available in the form of powder.

Gift Voucher: MEGAD75

Buy: Tang Orange

43 Responses to “Tang Orange Rs. 1 – Tradus”

  1. Munna.n25 says:

    Hey @admin, SMI
    There is no more mega deals comings? What happened?
    Are the Tradus team got bank-erupted? :P he he he

  2. Munna says:

    Hey I think today we would manage with this tang. Its working today!!

  3. Munna says:

    @SMI waiting for the upcoming deal.. What’s tomorrow?

  4. Number says:

    hey has anyone got any idea when does sankalpdeals gives new deals on ebay……
    I mean is there a time period….

  5. Tanmoy says:

    I dont’t see a reason as to how and why this seller is still putting ads or products on Tradus. This guy never delivers.
    I think Tradus should put a check on such errant sellers who just waste public’s time.

    Its better to boycott such sellers to bring them on track!!!

  6. Srinath says:

    they didnt deliver surf excel bar to me and in the status showing “delivered” they are doing some kind of manipulation…im following it up but no proper response.

  7. amit says:

    after take money did not send order dont go tradus

  8. Shilpa says:

    same here
    Order had cancelled last tym…

  9. Praveen says:

    Mainey bhi 1 order kiya tha pechli baar, par cencel ho gaya

  10. Munna says:

    @SMI next deal is this one with Coupon Code MEGAD75!
    Because on 17th there was Tata tea with coupon code MEGAD74 so logically on 18th There would be tang Orange!

    Beware friends last time Tradus cancelled all my 17 products ordered! Tradus is eliminating fake accounts in huge amounts by cancelling orders of Re1 like this.
    On 16th may there was Reynold’s Trigger Black! I afraid it might get cancelled also! There are much chances to be so!

  11. Manoj says:

    Heyy guys..
    I have ordered 17 nos. All of them got cancelled today! Any one else have the same condition?

  12. Manoj says:

    I hv like some posts of SMI @ FB. At least u can find me there now…

  13. Manoj says:

    Yar Vishal, SMI to contact karne hi nhi de raha hai.. Comment delete kar de rhe hai..

  14. Vishal says:

    manoj give email or contant no

  15. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Manoj: If you want to share something do it here, don’t ask for emails.
    Vishal: Email removed for your safety.

  16. Vishal says:

    manoj se kya puchu….?????


  17. Geetika says:

    Vishal, Manoj se pucho ki kiya chal raha hai. Manoj to note chapne mai laga hai. keep it up Manoj.

  18. Manoj says:

    Vishal.. what’s ur mail ID? SMI to contact karne hi nhi de raha hai!

  19. Vishal says:

    what geetika?????

  20. Geetika says:

    Ha ha ha. Manoj to Referal program ka fayada utha raha hai. har pe 100 rupees kama raha hai. gud one

  21. Srinath says:

    i got red label tea today 35gms

  22. AbHI says:

    sold out 10 sec ago

  23. Vishal says:

    manoj send me mail on emailid. You contant through mail

  24. Imran says:

    Tradus really a cheater site….

  25. Manoj says:

    @Baibh, we require to miss call that particular no to activate the coupon. Any soln?

  26. BAIBH says:

    @Number , There are several sites which provides free virtual mobile numbers to bypass SMS verification. Here are some of them:-
    1.receive-sms-online.com (no account needed)
    2.lleida.net (create account and choose country)

    Also pinger, K7, slidesms etc.(Just google them)

  27. Rahul Malik says:

    fudu website hai kuch mat purchase

  28. harsimran says:

    nice deal and i have ordered 3….

  29. Anonymous says:

    u guys jus need to put ant thing as email address as for e.g. asd@gmail.com or gtggrgg@gmail.com etc. etc. js gv afake account

  30. Govind Baghel says:

    Please you tell me that why to open new account by me per deal?

  31. Manoj says:

    Vishal how could I contact you?

  32. Vishal says:

    Manoj please give email or password for shopping or replies on my accout

  33. Number says:

    Gaurav you need to make a new account . Then it will work

  34. GAURAV says:

    You have already availed the maximum allowed number of offers within the promotion

    kya pagal panti hai.

  35. Amit says:


  36. GANESH says:

    Last week deal of Tata Agni tea 100 gram mentioned in the deal page but they send 35 gram of Red Label tea 35 gram one…anybody got Tata agni tea mention weight?..

  37. Number says:

    Kisi ke paas koi tarika hai ki online bohot saare phone numbers free mein mil jaiye . Naye account to ban jaate hain par phone numbers nahin hain itne

  38. naresh says:

    Time waste deals

  39. Sudha says:

    ye Tang to ‘tang’ karne waali deal hai

  40. shwetha says:

    True bro!!

  41. Vishal says:

    why it is only for new accounts

  42. Vishal says:

    Yes right mohit it is bakwaas

  43. mohit says:

    i cant understand what kind of deal this is………..
    5 rs wala 1 rs. me aur uske liye new account banao….
    had h yaar….. bakwaas deal…….

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