TastyKhana Online Food Ordering 68% off on Rs. 368, 30% off + 50% Cashback on Rs. 300

tastykhana15th August, 12AM – First 500 Orders – 68% off on Rs. 368+ Coupon: TK68 (Terms & Conditions)
30% off + 50% Cashback on Rs. 300+ Coupon: IND50 (Terms & Conditions)

198 Responses to “TastyKhana Online Food Ordering 68% off on Rs. 368, 30% off + 50% Cashback on Rs. 300”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Got an error “502 Bad Gateway” several times but didn’t lose hope.
    After 4-5 tries successfully placed order from Nirula’s @ 68% off + 15% off on Rs.350 or above + 10% discount using PayU.
    Thanks SMI…!!!

  2. anivesh says:

    awesome….got 4 litres of ice cream from giani for just 580 bucks….. normal cost 1152 bucks…super cool…thnx SMI…. i personally love u

  3. rohit says:

    SMI when tinklets will be updated

  4. Amita Manchanda says:

    I got my order successfully …. Got 50% discount on order Rs 400. Thanx Tastykhana.…

  5. Gagan says:

    While submitting the details on the payment portel it shows error message “Object doesn’t support this property or method”.

  6. viv says:

    I got the food freely of rs.600..it got delivered to me now :-) :-)

  7. Sandeep Mishra says:

    they were giving rs 598 off. coupon was applied but i refreshed the page so i lost it. anyway thnx TK…

  8. Pramod says:

    It seems you have to manually initiate refund from Dashboard for failed orders within 48 hours.

  9. him says:

    coupon applied….but the it hanged…processing order forever :(

  10. viv says:


  11. Ankit says:

    Did anybody got 100% discount??

  12. chirag says:

    TKXMASTUE not valid…says valid until 23rd dec

  13. AK says:

    Fraud site. Giving timeout error at 3:00 pm. Coupons exhausted at 3:01 pm

  14. Gagan says:

    TKXMASTUE didn’t worked for me…System unable to accept the coupon

  15. ABC says:

    processing order

  16. RAMESH says:

    worst website & faltu offers. they are not giving any offer to customer. As soon as 3.00 p.m. they will say offer is expired.

    Faltu site and offers

  17. Sandeep Mishra says:

    I got my order successfully.. Got Rs 600 order for just Rs 60. Thanx savemoneyindia…

  18. HARISH says:

    coupon is not working for today

  19. Ganesh says:

    Says This coupon is only valid till date 2013-12-22

  20. WOT says:

    Its waste of time. Go for other alternatives.
    I have ordered 3:40PM. I got ACK mail for delivery time @ 8:10.
    But didn’t get any conformation mail from their end.
    I am trying to contact customer care, that was not working. Even live chat also.. the people are not responding.

    Finally i got call from tasty khana team @10:45PM. And the people say like “The particular restaurant people are not responding, they are not lifting the call, we r cancelling your order”.

    In Surrounding places there is no hotels.. @11:00PM we prepared our self in room.

    So care full while ordering from tasty khana.

    I am not preferred this site.

  21. Mehul Shah says:

    Its fool making game by TK. Some orders are delivered but majority are cancelled.

  22. Wasty Khana says:

    Full Bakwas.. Made successful payment at 3:01 PM. Got a mail that received order, after that I tried calling customer care. No response there. Finally got mail at 10 PM saying order cancelled. Now my money is stuck with Tasty khana :(

  23. Mohan says:

    This is really a scam. I have placed the order for 8PM then after the customer care number not at all connecting even after waiting for 15 minutes time. I got a call 8:45 from the restaurant and they demanded the extra money which is double the amount I paid Online. He said if you pay the money only they would like to deliver and TK customer care not at all available. finally it was 9:15 and I had paid the money since I don’t have any alternative arrangements for my Dinner…

    It is a big scam of wasting the time…

  24. Soumya says:

    Site not responding….WTF

  25. rag says:

    Almost all orders got cancelled yesterday.. I doubt something big scam is going on.. They’re doing business with money.. I’ve cancelled 3 orders in last 3 days..

  26. Radhica says:

    I have order food worth rs 630 at 3:50 & they confirmed that i will get my order by 4 pm but till 8 pm nothing has come & at 8:10 pm they called me by updating that sorry sir, we were not able to lock your order & u will get refund after 7-10 working days. Very Very Poor Service.

  27. SAMIR says:

    server is down from 3 to 4 pm. At payment gateway it shows bad gateway & when try to reorder it gives downtime error .

  28. tina says:

    online payment failure issue due to server failure

  29. Manish says:

    I have ordered cake online & after some time they called me by updating that order is cancelled because restaurant is closed for 1 month. Now I have to wait for 2 week for getting my money back.

  30. Him says:

    @SMI… It is for first time customers only

  31. ssn says:

    no restaurant in hyderabad feeling sad :(

  32. Kohli says:

    The coupon is not being accepted. The error message states “This coupon cannot be redeemed in your city!”. I am from Delhi. As per the portal savemoneyindia.com this coupon is universal. Please anybody has any clarification on this?

  33. Hemu says:

    Please share 50% off coupon codes if possible….or is there any way to generate coupons

  34. Chiru says:

    Sorry guys.. For suggest tastykhana.. Go for
    @venky You are right venky… I am also facing same prob..
    @rohit.. why you behaving like this. We are facing probs with tastykhana. I placed the order 1PM. I dint get any conformation. I make call to restaurant as well as tastykhna support team they are not giving proper response. they told the order will delivered any time of the day. That means, we need to wait for that order entire day.

  35. Vinay says:

    my order is going to reach in 10 mins

  36. krishan says:

    can i order a cake………..

  37. mehul shah says:

    Hi SMI Now coupon do not work for future delivery so please correct. You can order for today only using this coupon.

  38. mansi says:

    i ordered 3 times , out of which 2 order was completed after taking tasty team & hotel on concall & other 1 got rejected.we need to do lots of follow up even after placing confirmed order online.hopes in future , tasty team will focus for fixing this for borivali location.

  39. Mehul Shah says:

    You are right divakar, VISHAL AGRA CHATWALE. Kandivali west is closed one month ago, still they are showing on their site & accepting orders.

  40. diwakar sareen says:

    This site sucks. This site is not updated.even those resturants are on display which are inactive right now or are closed..

  41. Chiru says:

    I recommend tastykhana. I ordered 4 times. I got in time. If any prob occurs, they are intimated before 30-60min.

    Hey guys order blindly.. No Prob is there.. the food is in-front of ur door. Money is also safe.

  42. venky says:

    Dont go with tasty khana, i faced issues 2 times, neither the restaurants nor the tasty khana will respond properly if you are in hungry. Tasty khana will say the restaurant people are not responding, if we ask the restaurant they will say that they did not get the order. Instead of frustrations, better to avoid these sites. Initially, it was good. but for the last 1-2 months totally changed. Money will come back, no problem but will take time approx 10-15 days.

  43. rohit says:

    All coupons have works …… GUYS NO USING ABUSING LANGUAGE. BE CAREFUL

  44. rohit says:

    are u a JAYESH they never eat money. when u talk think and talk or else u will be in legal issues. do u know anything about law. talking nonsense

    Manoj : refund takes 21 days depending on bank. tastykhana they dont even claim the money if they have cancel it. secondly pay it by cr card if u are so worried about ur 100 or 200.

    All are fools of they are abusing tastykhana, if they is no tastykhana we will pay cost of food in hotel beyond limits. think and talk. stupid peopel

  45. Jayesh says:

    very poor site, Dont waste your money. Hotel donot delivered the food if its order through Tasty Khana.. No customer support number. They eat our money. I will go legal for sure

  46. Manoj says:

    DONT Order from tasty khana. I placed order & after confirmation they have cancelled my order & now god know when refund will come. Please share is this geniune site or fake site?

  47. manish chhichhiya says:

    They are deducting money & after confirmed order , they are cancelling order by saying no stock.my money got blocked for 10 days.

    This is an email confirmation from the TastyKhana Accounts team to let you know that:
    Your refund for Order Number MVU7 with Gelato Italiano-Borivali West ( L T Road ) has been initiated to your CC/DC/Bank account.The TastyKhana accounts team will now complete the refund process within the next 48 hours.The relevant refund amount will be credited in your CC/DC/Bank account within the next 7-10 working days.

  48. mehul says:

    Now Working

  49. mehul says:

    TK is like lottery coupon, if your order is delivered you win the lottery else you lose if not.

  50. HARISH YADAV says:

    This coupon is only valid between 15:00:00 and 17:00:00 on tue

  51. Subhra Majumder says:


    Yes there is. Look harder.

  52. bunni says:

    there is no option for applying coupon code ..

  53. Subhra Majumder says:

    This coupon is only valid between 15:00:00 and 17:00:00 on tue

  54. Sera says:

    BEWARE….I placed an order and they cancelled it saying that the restaurant is closed for that day. So, I told them to place the same order for the next day…no response…and then after 4 days they refund the money back…………..PLEASE DONT PLACE AN ORDER HERE……….

  55. vivek says:

    Very bad site.
    I had ordered food on 4th for delivery on 5th – payment was accepted + got confirmation email from them + got an email saying that the food is on its way… then the restaurant calls & says rudely that he cannot deliver the food…
    Then I call up their customer support – no answer – was kept on recording/hold for quite some time & then the call gets automatically disconnected – this happened umpteen times…
    Then I email them the complaint requesting them to deliver the food + to call me back – had send them 7 emails – never got a call nor their email reply…
    The food was supposed to be delivered to me by 01:30pm today and uptil now no food, no call, no emal, nothing whatsoever…
    I hv written to them saying that I’ll sue them in the consumers court.
    Ban such websites & thugs.
    Beware… you are warned!

  56. happy says:

    Third class website

  57. G Suresh says:

    I agree with you Subhra. I went to same resto where I had placed order thru’ TK using discount coupon & had the same food. TK attracting customer with discount coupon but never honour the same. They suggest alternate hotel which eventually do not offer discount.

  58. Subhra Majumder says:


    Ordered again just now. Confirmation mail within 8 minutes.

  59. Subhra Majumder says:


    My food is always delivered. They dared to cancel my order once. They will never dare it again.

  60. Subhra Majumder says:

    @G Suresh

    TastyKhana gives that excuse almost always whenever you use their discount codes. Try ordering the same from the same restaurant without using the discount code and you will see the order is delivered miraculously on or before time.

  61. G Suresh says:

    Placed order 3 times at different time with different resto but all 3 were cancelled by TastyKhana giving the same excuse ‘resto not responding’. Look like all resto are using their website for advertisement & making them & in turn customer fool!! TastyKhana is not complaining or taking action because they use customer’s money for 10 days!!

  62. Prateek Jain says:

    yay just ordered food worth Rs 335 for Rs 136..Thanx SMI

  63. vivaswan says:

    bakwaas … thy will not delivr ur food …

  64. Subhra Majumder says:

    Working now…just ordered…Rs 302 for Rs 103 :)

  65. nikhil says:

    This coupon is only valid between 15:00:00 and 17:30:00 on fri.same thing

  66. Rohit says:

    This coupon is only valid between 15:00:00 and 17:30:00 on fri

  67. harsimran says:

    got the delivery on time yesterday…….. nice service

  68. sudhanshu says:

    what a bullshit website loading very slow , poor support orders get cancelled.

  69. Saurabh says:

    ordered one, let’s see if i get the delivery on time…..:)

  70. venky says:

    thts cool deal…thanks smi…ordered one…..

  71. harsimran says:

    ordered .. amount paid rs 131

  72. Monu says:

    Fake promotion.
    First the coupon get applied, then the error says “You have already used this coupon on 2013-10-27″ although i haven’t.

  73. Batman says:

    Sorry we are short of voucher codes, please try again later.

  74. Sanket Anerao says:

    fake site No customer service? No contact number provided, Take long time to respond to online chat. Placed order twice today & both were cancelled by TasyKhana after receipt of payment & that too after one hour for the reason best known to them. Not sure when will I get my money back.

  75. Sanket Anerao says:

    Yea service is not good. Chances of order cancellation are highest.

  76. Sanket Anerao says:

    Its a fake site i was charged obn my card and this is what I recieve from the site what a shit they are fooling ppl.
    Dont try to serve the ppl TK when you are not genuine.

    Unfortunately, your first takeaway order with us for Takeaway Order No MV436YSB with Biryani Tandoor and Roll-Andheri East (Sher e punjcould not be processed due to the following reason:

    Your Online Payment wasn’t succesful.

  77. rishi says:

    chances of order being cancelled is 1000%

  78. Hawkeye says:

    in Bangalore their service is good

  79. Mehul Shah says:

    Yea service is not good. Chances of order cancellation are highest.

  80. G Suresh says:

    Is it a genuine site? No customer service? No contact number provided, Take long time to respond to online chat. Placed order twice today & both were cancelled by TasyKhana after receipt of payment & that too after one hour for the reason best known to them. Not sure when will I get my money back.

  81. AK says:

    Pathetic customer service…had my order cancelled twice. once because they placed order at wrong location and after 2 hours when contacted them they called right location but the restaurant were out of the items. 2nd time they was similar mistake but they said there was a “technical glitch” bunch of incompetent buggers and liars. STAY AWAY!!!

  82. Sushant says:

    It works on online payments only with 100% accuracy. Commendable! It’s hard to believe, how you guys manage to get such huge offers.

  83. Him says:

    @ mehul 100 off on 299+….

  84. Mehul Shah says:

    @him, Which coupon applied.

  85. Him says:

    Got the orders Dot on time…thanx smi & tk

  86. Mehul Shah says:

    TKBDAY50 VALID TILL 2/10/2013, not working now

  87. Subhra Majumder says:

    TastyKhana is not at all reliable. They will cancel your order if you apply any coupons.

  88. gaurav says:

    food was awesome and on time :) thanks SMI

  89. Mehul Shah says:

    Check their FB Page, lot of complaints, but no response from TK.

  90. Mehul Shah says:

    Many oders are getting cancelled, be prepare for substitute, they can’t handle these orders

  91. gaurav says:

    Ordered from August Spice………..:)

  92. Ganesh says:

    Got the order dot a time.
    Food was okay.

  93. Ganesh says:

    Ordered for the first time with 50% off coupon in pune.
    Fingers crossed, dunno if they deliver or not.

  94. Mehul Shah says:

    See if order comes, doubtful.

  95. rishi says:

    applied. thanks mehul

  96. Mehul Shah says:

    Apply TK coupon codes after making cart. Valid from 4.00 pm

  97. rishi says:

    subhra is right.

    to me also they said that the restaurant is not picking up he phone and when i myself dialed they picked.

    second time they said that there is some problem with the kitchen of the said restaurant and they are not taking any orders. when i called them they were taking the ordered and promised to deliver in 40 mins.

  98. rishi says:

    coupon is not getting applied

  99. varun kapila says:

    where u worked nitika???

  100. Nikita says:

    Nice DEal Coupon Applied

  101. Mehul Shah says:

    They have apologies on FB, TODAY for yesterdays blunder. But not satisfied with the service quality.

  102. Subhra Majumder says:

    TastyKhana cancelling orders and providing weird reasons. If you want your order delivered better don’t use any coupons. They cancelled my order saying restaurant not answering phone.

    TK If you can’t afford the discounts better don’t offer it.

  103. Ay says:

    i have place the order on 02:41 still waiting

  104. Ay says:

    order but the restaurant say we did’nt recieved any order from tasty khana

  105. Mehul Shah says:

    Wait for the big bang on 6th Oct as birthday of TK.

  106. Subhra Majumder says:

    mehul, GoodFellas, Soumya don’t be sad. Difference between 50% and 60% is only Rs 50 as they have limited discount to order value of Rs 500.

  107. Subhra Majumder says:

    coupons also not working for advance orders for delivery dates of tomorrow or beyond. So LOOT LO NOW

  108. Subhra Majumder says:

    sorry GoodFellas I used them all myself :)
    Now they are giving max 50%, most only 40% and and discount limited to order value of Rs 500 only.

  109. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Last Day guys, take it, No coupon will work from TMR>

  110. Mehul Shah says:

    Gf don’t wait that have almost stopped 60% code as they have given 100 trinket. So order asap otherwise you will loose every thing.

  111. GoodFellas says:

    Subhra Buddy :) , please send me one

  112. GoodFellas says:

    please one 60% code guys

  113. Vicky says:


    All 40% enjoy

  114. Soumya says:

    Subhra……….Please give me one 60% coupon pleaseee…..

  115. mehul says:


  116. Subhra Majumder says:

    I got only 3 60% code so far :(

  117. GoodFellas says:

    there is no voucher “Sorry we are short of voucher codes, please try again later.” SMI if you ave spare code please send me one :)

  118. subh says:

    Crap website ,order three times all the three times it got rejected giving reason of operation issue .no customer service poor poor >please do not order

  119. mehul says:

    Grab 100 Trinkets for Free. From FB page of TK. You will have to pay Rs.50/- for order of Rs.300/- with 50% off coupon code.

  120. MEHUL SHAH says:


  121. Mehul Shah says:

    @Subhra more 60% off code please.

  122. Subhra Majumder says:

    84TQ6S27JE5 – 40
    84U2P466M8P – 30
    84UH27HN6S6 – 30
    84V2M6JQ682 – 30
    84W2W6HNE9L – 60
    84W6426OWJS – 30
    84WPSA7VW62 – 40
    84X47Z2PW63 – 40
    84X8X62U7S9 – 40
    84X962HM6YC – 30
    84XAC2SU6B6 – 30
    64J0J678248 – 40

  123. Monu says:

    Here are few 40% off coupons
    47G26PP5YX8, 4776Q67ME28, 47GAO28LK26, 47I218M126F, 47J4ZVC2N68

  124. Mehul Shah says:

    For understanding discount, open other browser & make 1 cart by filling items, after that apply coupon code, they will display amount of discount

  125. Subhra says:

    How do you understand what is the discount % from the code?

  126. Anand says:

    Dont go with TastyKhane there are cheaters, most of the restaurant take order but not delivered or cancelledkkkk
    Very Bakwas site

    Go with Justeast.in its offering 50% now whole september

  127. Prateek Jain says:

    The offer is now available for existing customers also..

  128. Gaurav says:

    Any more discount coupon for today??????

  129. Bond007 says:

    please give me 60% or 50% off coupons which are valid right now……

  130. Mehul Shah says:

    SMI POST 60%+ CODE, this are easily available.

  131. rahul says:

    I got 40% off. its worked

  132. Mehul Shah says:

    Ordered 60% off code given by a007. Thanks. Pl post more if you get 60% or more.

  133. Prateek Jain says:

    @a007: thanxs for the coupon bro. just used one of the 50% coupon provided by you..:-)

  134. Mehul Shah says:

    Pl try for me, I can’t get it on my mobile.

  135. a007 says:


    more 50 % codes…
    sry no 60 % codes coming my way!!

  136. a007 says:

    More codes for 50 %


    use in 40-45mins

  137. a007 says:

    more 50 % coupons

  138. a007 says:

    more 50 % codes

  139. Mehul Shah says:

    a007, Great job for 60% off code, but please few more for 60+ if possible. Thanks in Advance.

  140. a007 says:

    Coupons valid for next 30-40 mins only..enjoy
    50 %

    60 %

  141. mohit says:


  142. Mehul Shah says:

    Try for 50% code, which are easily available. Delete cookies & get another magic code till you get 50% code

  143. Mehul Shah says:

    Dear all, don’t place order for only 30 & 40% discount. Delete cookies & request for another magic code till you get 50% off, 50 off codes are available.

  144. vinod william wills says:

    I just got a discount of Rs 152 on order of Rs 400,(38% off) .they say the order will arrive in 57 minutes, 20 minutes have passed.. will update as soon it arrives.

  145. Rahul says:

    I just got the 40% off code and placed order in Noida. However its my first experience from this website, so waiting my order to be delivered. Thanks SMI

  146. snikam6691 says:

    not working.”we are out of codes”

  147. Imran kazi says:

    error ” you have already requested for Magic code”.

  148. shashank says:

    only 30% off codes

  149. Sagar says:

    No coupon is getting generated now…? It is stopped working???

  150. Rahul says:

    It says ” Cannot be applied as the shop doesn’t accept online payments” for all the merchants even though it is written beside the name of shop that it accepts online payments.

    Shit website.

  151. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Hi Vinay Cookies clear but still getting the same error.

  152. Mehul Shah says:

    No body got 100% off , everybody is getting 30% off code

  153. Rohit says:

    same issue

  154. Vinay says:

    mehulshah clear cookies it will come again and again

    if u need it use this
    it is 30% coupon

  155. Mehul Shah says:

    SMI not getting code. Saying you have already requested for Magic code.

  156. Mehul Shah says:

    Good deal ordered from Dairy Don ice cream parlour at 40% discount. Order Bakery products from Ovenpick (best bakers in town) at 40% discount. only for Borivali & Ghatkopar residents.

  157. Rohit says:

    working :)

  158. Vicky says:

    Tried twice, worked both times..Got maximum discount and tasty food…

  159. Mehul Shah says:

    Done SMI coupon is correct TKANNIVRSRY.

  160. Mehul Shah says:

    It should be TKANNIVERSARY

  161. ak says:

    showing invalid coupon plzz update smi

  162. mehul says:


  163. mehul says:


  164. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Finally got the order at 8.30.

  165. rajeev says:

    Thanks TK12.. i got my order …

  166. @Ashu says:

    Coupon is not working today. It says it is valid till 26.07.2013 only

  167. Chuck says:

    Received my order from Birdy’s…Thanks SMI

  168. Mehul Shah says:

    Still nothing, 5. Hrs over

  169. supriya says:

    got my order

  170. Mehul Shah says:

    Still no reply, 3 hrs over

  171. sk says:

    My experience has been positive, placed order got a call from them informing 1 item was not available they offered a substitute costing more than the price paid w/o charging any thing extra.

  172. ram says:

    Waste guys.. no reply since 3 hours… even money paid also gone..

  173. Hemank says:

    Amazing it works. did order yesterday and was awaiting the delivery. They delivered it on time.

    Thanks SMI… #TK12

  174. Mehul Shah says:

    Nothing came till now. 2 hrs over. Nonsense site.

  175. krishan says:


  176. shreekanth says:

    TK12 has gone ballistic!

    Apologies but we can’t accept any more orders right now. Please follow us on twitter and facebook to know when we are going to start again

  177. clash of clans says:

    #TK12 has gone ballistic!
    Apologies but we can’t accept any more orders right now. Please follow us on twitter and facebook to know when we are going to start again.

  178. krishan says:


  179. supriya says:

    they r just making us fool dont try it , i ordered before 2 hours , still i didnt get any confirmation call no progress and information on order , its worst

  180. Kumar says:

    Can some one tell me what is the best restaurant in tastykhana to place order.

  181. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Just placed order online lets see when it is deliver.

  182. ashish says:

    2 hours no progress and information on order.

    customer care not responding mails, calls and chats.

  183. Sagar says:

    I ordered as Advanced Order at 3:30pm but they sent me mail as will deliver at 9:00 in morning.. :O Also waiting for order…will update you soon.

  184. sunny says:

    awsm scheme.. booked 3 orders.. 1 reached.. 2 in waiting.. :P Rs 12 for 300 order.. superrr scheme.. :)

  185. Raj says:

    did receive my order worth Rs. 300 for Rs. 12 only :)

  186. Mehul Shah says:

    Ya coupon working, but payment failure. One order confirmed but order not delivered till 9.00.

  187. DuranDuran says:

    Coupon did work. I placed the order but the delivery has not come even after 3 hours.. when checked with the website, they say that the server is crashed and they can’t do anything right now…WILL NOT RECOMMEND

  188. Mehul Shah says:

    Fraud site after applying coupon payment failure thrice.

  189. pankaj says:

    that means i we have found food @ rupees 12 as politetion Raj Babbar said :D

  190. Mehul says:

    My past experience says, their system accepts coupons but there is no guarantee that the restaurant will deliver food, especially if it is weekends, holidays, or festive period. And in such a scenario, tastykhana can do nothing but request the user to order from some other restaurant (for which again there is no guarantee of delivery). We have experienced such last min mess ups when we had bought such discount voucher from groupon and it could not be redeemed on the date of our choice. On complaining to Groupon, they investigated the issue and finally refunded our money.

    In the event of default by the restaurant, instead of taking the restaurant to the tast they just take the liberty to remove the listing from their website and the customer is left helpless to find some other restaurant of his choice in the same locality just to use the coupon.

    Based on my past experience I would be apprehensive to deal with any intermediary (tastykhana in this case) to order my food from any restaurant.

  191. Badadoo says:

    they have mpre cupons here http://tastykhana.in/coupons

  192. Rishi says:

    not accepting coupons.

    getting different types of errors

  193. Snikam6691 says:

    very good offer!

  194. DINESH says:

    got discount coupon from timesdeal with validity of 23 rd april……! Tastykhana website isn’t adapted 4 mobile.

  195. Predater says:

    Above offer expired now.

    I have new coupon code.

    Order from http://www.tastykhana.com worth 350 and get Rs 100 discount.

    Use coupon code : TKLTRFEB

    Valid for online payments only.

  196. ankit says:

    it worked for me ! Thanks tasty khana

  197. mammu says:

    Its not a coupon to be given in restaurant. Only on online payment.

  198. Ramanuj says:

    Faltu …. no restaurant is accepting the coupons in Noida.

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