Tata Docomo GetEasyTalktime Free Talktime

tata-docomo-geteasytalktimeTata Docomo is offering free minute of Local / National talktime for just watching an ad on your mobile phone.

Tata Docomo: GetEasyTalktime

37 Responses to “Tata Docomo GetEasyTalktime Free Talktime”

  1. wahidazmi says:

    Tata dicomo,s serbiece is not best

    it,s serviece is very bad than all servieces

    internet serviece is 95 percent bad

  2. Rahim says:

    Thanks !!!

  3. SHYAM says:


  4. ZOeb says:

    @kumar even i lost freaking 59 rupees downloading the app.
    these guyz are looting people i m gonna report Some1
    they clearly mention this….
    Absolutely Free of cost. No download charges, streaming charges or any other hidden cost.

    and still they deduct money…

  5. amit trivedi says:

    Good. See faqs for more details. http://www.tatadocomo.com/downloads/get-faqs.pdf

  6. Kumar says:

    Stupid deal ever seen from Tata Docomo… Downloading application chargeable , activate application chargeable and downloading ads also chargeable … by just giving 2 minutes of free talk time ….. Kind of taking/Grabbing value worth of 15 rupees and just giving/pay back 2 rupees … Tata Docomo don’t loose reputation what you gained over the periods ..

  7. Kumar says:

    please let me know how to download it in windows phone

  8. Anonymous says:

    use one month for free call

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice. super offer 4r docomo customers. Thanq TATA DOCOMO.

  11. Sarath babu says:

    Nice how 2 staqt

  12. subi subi says:

    super benfit how to start

  13. avinash bhor says:

    very clear

  14. Anonymous says:

    how to start

  15. m.gangadhar reddy says:

    how to start

  16. urvesh jain says:

    how to start

  17. Bunty says:

    Very nice

  18. bikash says:

    Wao…kya docomo h..

  19. mehul says:

    How to start

  20. Vineetpandey says:

    Use for 1 month FOR FREE call

  21. vijay says:

    super benfit

  22. Kumar says:

    m using it for last 20 days.. good.

  23. jai singh says:

    i like talking free

  24. ali mushran says:

    pls give me a free minutes

  25. Ikrar kuresi says:


  26. saleem says:

    Pl tell how it works and how to start

  27. debashis says:

    shows please use tata docomo sim to use get services as i already use only docomo sim.de

  28. latif says:

    the very very cheep deal

  29. Fukre says:

    Connection to server is time out. :(

  30. Kumar says:

    working.. but gvng only.. 3 to 4 mnts per day…

  31. Anonymous says:

    please idea me aise offer lao savemoney walo

  32. whacko says:

    receive same as $$$$ above

  33. ayush says:

    Build is not available as per your device configuration it shows when i go through the given link what does that mean

  34. $$$$$ says:

    shows please use tata docomo sim to use get services as i already use only docomo sim

  35. unknown says:

    download directly from the below link

    madcallgsm.tatadocomo.com/gsm_docomo_madcall/downloadapps.do?type=g free

  36. ???????? says:

    very cheep deal

  37. Misbah Sufi says:

    dats simply aswm

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