TaxiForSure 100% Cashback on Deposit of Rs. 500

taxiforsure-doubleFeatures aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India & work with various taxi operators and enable them with technology to ensure customers get an easily accessible, safe & reliable taxi ride ‘for sure’.

• Offer valid till midnight of 7th January, 2015.
• The Amount equal to your recharge will be added automatically to your TSF Wallet.
• Offer valid when you recharge your account with an amount from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.
• Valid on transactions made through Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards only.

Website: TaxiForSure

52 Responses to “TaxiForSure 100% Cashback on Deposit of Rs. 500”

  1. nitesh says:

    No working..added 500 balance remains at 500…

  2. Deepak says:

    Yes.. Its still working.. I recharged 500 to get 1000 in the wallet instantly..yippe! :D

  3. parnika says:

    Is the offer still valid?? Did anybody try .???.. Please update . thanks in advance .

  4. Kunal says:

    Its not working Ramit. ??? charged with 1000 and didnt get promotional amount. ???

  5. Ramit says:

    Yes Kunal.. Its still working today. Recharged by 700 and got 1400 added to wallet .. :D

  6. Kunal says:

    Is it still working on 14th January? Anyone tried it…?

  7. Naresh says:

    Thanks vaani, I have used it today…almost 3 rides today ;-) in bangalore additional 25% on every ride…triple damaka…by way post if the wallet is stil doubling the deposits…

  8. dipesh says:

    Is double wallet still working?

  9. nitesh says:

    Another good news…use ur wallet to pay bill and get 50% discount. Valid till 15.01.2015 in Mumbai. Please check with customer care for offers in other cities… I deserve any credit for sharing this offer.

  10. vani says:

    Hi naresh, I used the wallet cash.. It is same as before no extra charges.

  11. Akshay says:

    I tried at 1.40 its still working !! Try your luck (y)

  12. naresh says:

    Every body is filling the ewallet, but any body used it – how is the promotional balance is being used in the charges…?

  13. Maggi says:

    Recharged 999 and balance is 1998. Its still working guys. Grab the offer before its gone.

  14. Vinod says:

    Hi All,

    I forgot to top up my wallet , any body tried today ??

    whether it’s working today or not ??

  15. nava says:

    igot it super …n thanks

  16. vani says:

    It is working mutiple times, I have done 5 times :)

  17. Vivek says:

    Its working. Recharged with 1000 and got 2000 :)

  18. Santosh says:

    Its working. just now I recharged with 500+750 and got 2500 in total. Thanks

  19. Az says:

    Yes Guys , Its working for 2nd time also .. Enjoyy :)

  20. Az says:

    @parveen : are you sure it works multiple times on same account?? Pls confirm

  21. Shyamal says:

    Is there any restrictions on the number of times one can recharge? Is it only for once?

  22. ajay says:

    No use. Banned in Delhi NCR. :(

  23. parveen says:

    i recharged with rs 1000 2times and got the credit both the times thnx SMI

  24. Adi says:

    @vamsi…confirmed by TFS, wallet money can be used any time beyond 7th Jan 15.
    7th Jan is the offer date only to get 100% cashback in your wallet.

  25. amarjyot says:

    Did anyone recharged twice and got the double ???

  26. vamsi says:

    Anyone let me know if i have to consume the wallet amount after refill till 7th Jan’15 as per offer or i can use this credit for later as only refill needs to be done till 7th Jan to double the money?

  27. Amit varyani says:

    Successfully get cash back thanks smi

  28. Atuk says:

    Rs.1000 turned out into Rs.2000 :D

    Thanks SMI..

  29. Yugesh says:

    Anyone let me know if i have to consume the wallet amount after refill till 7th Jan’15 as per offer or i can use this credit for later as only refill needs to be done till 7th Jan to double the money?

  30. Natarajan M says:

    How to recharge from taxi for sure???
    anyone please tell me???

  31. Fenil says:

    Why website has nothing detail about this offer? Is it still working? Let me know please.

  32. kutty says:

    Its working…, I m a olold user for TFS. added 1000 n got 1000 in promotions. so total 2000. Thx smi

  33. Anonymous says:

    even if we are an old user then also will it work? anyone tried?

  34. ARUN says:

    Worked for me.
    1.i am a new user.(just know registered and refilled)
    2.recharged with 600 and got 600.
    3.Go for it

  35. balaji says:

    @HEMANT its working fine. customercare says they are not aaware..but its working 100%%

  36. Srikanta says:

    Fabulous !!!

    I already use Taxi4Sure regularly. SO called up customer care, they denied this offer, but recharged with 1000 anyway and the balance turned 2608 (2000 from new recharge and old balance 608).

    Loving it :)

  37. Hemant says:

    SMI… the customer care of taxi for sure they are not running any such offer. PLease check and post real offers.


  38. Rahul says:

    Its working!!
    Just registered to avail this offer. The cash back is of same amount… happens immediately.

  39. andy says:

    woww 501 = 1002

  40. fauji says:

    added 1000 n got 1000 in promotions. so total 2000

  41. balaji says:

    Yes its working from desktop site too.. thanks SMI

  42. mahesh says:

    its working even if u refill ur wallet through website (net banking) money credited instantly :-)
    thanks SMI

  43. krupa says:

    ya got it. true

  44. ankit says:

    its workinggg guys :)

  45. Dhanumjay says:

    It worked like a charm,don’t miss the offer go for it.I did for 501 and received 501 from TFS like a flash…

  46. amarjyot says:

    The payment gateway i.e. pay u is providing u the additional amount, my wallet balance is 1000 by recharging it by 500, its working guys..

  47. ashwin says:

    Please confirm anyone get?

  48. balaji says:

    @ashpri — did you get any SMS about it? please confirm.. thanks

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hello User,
    This wallet only for Taxi Booking (Not Recharge) Via Website.
    Recharge means add money to wallet account.Refill Your Wallet :):)

    First Register and then add money Rs 500 then it become rs 1000
    Its used for taxi ride and booking taxi.

  50. ashpri says:

    Worked for me.. Go for it :-)

  51. balaji says:

    SMI are you sure about this offer? I do not see in TSF site also I called customer care and they said they do not have any offer like this. please mention the details …. also if it is eligible please give the link to see the same in TSF site. and let us know whether do we need to do the payment using APP ? or from desktop is also fine? thanks

  52. Deepak says:

    The taxi for sure deny this offer. From where have you got this offer SMI?

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