TaxiForSure Free Rs. 2000 Wallet Balance


Likely coupon error. Balance may be reversed.

Rs. 1500 Balance Coupon: REF1500 (under Payment Option)
Rs. 500 Balance Coupon: REF500

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60 Responses to “TaxiForSure Free Rs. 2000 Wallet Balance”

  1. risha bh says:


  2. manu says:

    amount has been reversed from all accounts so all check your accounts those who are feeling happy for the credits they have got

  3. Rahul says:

    Guys it’s a trick of all ecommerce sites because if u register new account they have the benefit and u all r also do that u have register 53 accounts.its a benefit of taxi for sure but u have no plz try to understand

  4. KamaalRashidKhan says:

    I bow to those who made 53 accounts and did’nt giveup. May soul of TaxiforSure rest in peace. I can feel the pain you all are going through.

  5. KamaalRashidKhan says:

    !!Free ka aaya tha Chala Gaya!!
    Two Minutes of Silence for those who got money in 53 fake accounts. Peace !!

  6. patel says:

    Right fraud Co. All money they nill now

  7. mayyank says:

    Hello guys every one should complain in consumer forum not for money but fraudulent activity likee govt will fine them surely plzz every 1 should it may be any app any site book complaint in online or go consumer court

  8. priya says:

    I have money in 17 acounts hehehe hurreyyy

  9. vamsi says:

    ha ha if you i got money in this no of accounts thats y he took money back, enjoy

  10. Shailesh says:

    LoL :/ ???

  11. prateek says:

    freee ka aya tha or chlaaa bhi gya,, to kya hua,,, chilll.

  12. prateek says:

    They took the money back… From all 12 accounts at 00.07 am in mid night today

  13. Anonymous says:

    Amount reversed from all accounts

  14. rahul says:

    Bhai paisa gayab ho gaya vapas… Fake offer

  15. don says:

    all money revice

  16. sud says:

    TFS deducted 1500 from wallet, it was valid only for 1 day :P

  17. Ankur says:

    All Gone…

  18. parveen says:

    lelo lolipop. bade husiyar hai ye log. bahut saare account register karwa liye lalach deke aab balance 0 karde rahe hai. hume consumer form jana hoga, kya bolte ho bhai log

  19. suMit says:

    balance reversed…
    2 mins silence for ppls who got credits in 52 accounts.


  20. Vicky says:

    Its fake…check your account balance…money is reversed…hahaha…hahaha

  21. Daya says:

    Sorry, Bhai logo very bad news, Amount detected back. Babaji ka thulu.

  22. Recharge freak says:

    He he all… Money in my 4 a/cs gone back… Fortunately used 130 Rs for 1 booking :-)

  23. R O H A N says:

    All credits reversed.

  24. viku choudhary says:

    Apply in 12 account and get 24000…yooooo!

  25. prateek says:

    Got 7500

    Now both code have stopped apply… thanks smi i got in 12 account
    And also got 150 for signing up with referal code TFSPAYTM

  26. prateek says:

    I got 1500 but when i m applying ref500 its not applying on same account and i dont hav a different account so cant try that

  27. priya says:

    Did with 52 acounts

  28. Bk says:

    Is it still working?

  29. JAY says:


  30. john says:

    Both works me

  31. Ganesh says:

    whle booking its not askingfor payment. So how to use the wallet money.

  32. Anonymous says:

    How to use this offer?

  33. Abhishek says:

    Got 500 but for 1500 it is saying code not working

  34. vashid says:

    Y coupan kha apply krna h frnds tell me any one..

  35. Imran says:

    Not Working Now All Expire :(

  36. Dilip reddy says:

    I applied both and i got them.

  37. zafar says:

    Working (y) got ?2000 in my 3 accounts ???

  38. Gowri says:

    Beware guys, after taking ride the wallet balance goes 0, the you have to pay form your pocket, try at your own risk

    And one more code is ther

    TFSPAYTM and get 150

    so total 2150

  39. Nitin says:

    Bhai mene toh 2000ki ride leli free me.Bhai aaj khi bhi ghumne chale jao nhi toh vo remove Kar denge

  40. y says:

    they have started taking back the money..
    i have added Rs1500 and now my credits is Rs0.

  41. bhatia says:

    Get 500 but REF1500 Is not working

  42. NIshant says:

    Unable to sign up, not able to get OTP, Anyone please guide

  43. krupa says:

    what is the source for this information? I GOT THE CREDIT but they may reverse after sometime

  44. mtr says:

    Any body try both coupons. Please share me.

  45. prateek says:

    Mst offer

  46. Anonymous says:

    working fine. but how long’s validity of this balance. last time ola cabs refill code TB500 only 30days validity. so please help me!

  47. manu says:

    Use it before it’s gone ???

  48. nitin sharma says:

    thanks smi

  49. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Its error , they will take back 1500/-. Previous experience is with Ola of coupon TB500. Reversed after some time.

  50. prateek says:

    Did with 18accounts

  51. mtr says:

    Got it. Only for app.

  52. raman says:

    working (y)

  53. PSR says:

    Got it .. Thanks ..

  54. windy says:

    got 1500

  55. Anonymous says:


  56. SMF says:


  57. priya says:

    got once

  58. Naddy says:

    Done Thanx SMI love you :)

  59. vicky says:

    Thanks a Ton…! Got 1500 Credits

  60. Vivek says:


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