Free FlipKart & ShopClues Vouchers on Completing Surveys – ThePanelStation

ThePanelStationThePanelStation is offering Free FlipKart & ShopClues Vouchers on Completing Surveys.

Website: ThePanelStation

22 Responses to “Free FlipKart & ShopClues Vouchers on Completing Surveys – ThePanelStation”

  1. pavan says: i Got 500 to my ZIPCash account after completing around 10 Surveys

  2. wr says:

    Isn’t that surprising after wasting 20 minutes you will earn 10 rupees only.
    Yes guys this the truth. They will send survey of value Rs. 10/-.
    Instead of wasting time step out and do some social welfare or go to park, play some real games etc.

  3. AJIT KUMAR says:

    How can I create account on panel station?

  4. mounish says:

    ultimate site already got 1k+ money worth flipkart products

  5. sunil says:

    no conformation received from, They just take data and no coupons till today don’t wast time.

  6. shiva says:

    my points of more that 30000 have not been enchased, they have not sent vouchers
    and no reply for the mails i send
    they only ask for details on every mail you send and then no response
    again you send them mail they ask details again,
    this is going on from nov 2013

  7. Geek is Back says:

    Dont believe them…Please dont become VP’s…All that is cheating..

  8. Anonymous says:

    All Fake. They just take data and no coupons till today

  9. hi says:

    i have got some points.have anyone got the vouchers or this is just a sham?

  10. shrenik says:

    guys plz dont waste ur time in this. they r fake, i have got 5000 points but have not got any coupon despite sending several reminders to them .
    they dont have any telephone number to reach out to them. and they dont respond to ur emails.

  11. nisu says:

    hi guys this website is fake i rendeem the points for flipkart it became 2months and they r still processing

  12. sandy says:

    @SMI – all these guys are right.. infact very right in their findings about this site.
    pls dont publish anything for this and such websites…

    its all fake….

    if you have the proof of their Authenticity then please show else dont publish ad for this site.

  13. AK says:

    Guys please beware of this panelstation survey….i have done plenty of survey and collected few thousands of points and when i ask them for redeem my points for flipkart voucher then no reply from them and still fighting since 6 months. Please do not waste your time for this fake surveys.

  14. Genius says:

    This is BS, they are asking you to fill out all your personal information and after that they are saying they’ll get back to you. With no time frame. At least I tested them by providing wrong information.

  15. VIVEK says:


  16. Ruchir says:

    No pain no gain.One of the rare honest survey companies.So the scrutiny and more time to enroll

  17. Vvviviek says:

    Ek to is me rwg karna itna mushkil hai jitna aur kisi mw nahi…

  18. shaik shavali says:

    i got this info after reg
    That’s all for now! We will get in touch with you in a while.
    what does mean?

  19. Ruchir says:

    You are right. Ebay has included Zipcash.I have redeemed 2000 p and got Flipkart 200 voucher,still 2400 points or 200 still there for redemption.But it took almost 15 days to get code after clicking redeem button.It can take longer.

  20. Santosh says:

    I didnt get the confirmation mail after register

  21. senthil says:

    using ZipCash voucher you can shop in

  22. senthil says:

    they are genuine, i have already earned more than 5k from this site. Please let us is there any similar site like this.

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