Timex Watches minimum 50% off from Rs. 860 – FlipKart

timex-watchesFlipKart is offering minimum 50% off on Timex Watches.

Buy Timex Watches: Men’s from Rs. 860 | Women’s from Rs. 1519

4 Responses to “Timex Watches minimum 50% off from Rs. 860 – FlipKart”

  1. Shubham says:


    Only a publicity stunt by Flipkart. All the orders are canceled. First they place the order and after deducting the money, they cancel the order. Resulting that they get the more no. of hits, more publicity…
    Flipkart if you can’t stand on your promise than why making false statements and fooling people.
    Such worse service and when contacted over phone poorest response.

  2. sameer payyadi says:

    all orders a getting automatically. cancelled flipkart is joking

  3. Zabs says:

    such a waste of time ):
    If you are not able to fulfill then y you came in market with such offers…

  4. Anonymous says:

    flipkart service sucks..first they allowed to purchase then after deduction of money from my account ,got a message order has been cancelled.Now have to wait for couple of days to get my money back…Their services has been degraded over the years.

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