Traditional Design Multi Carpet Rs. 399 – Tradus

carpetTradus has Traditional Design Multi Carpet for Rs. 399. Features Easy to clean, water repellent, No shredding, easy maintenance, Anti-static, anti-bacterial & Size: 5 x 7 ft.

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9 Responses to “Traditional Design Multi Carpet Rs. 399 – Tradus”

  1. Anonymous says:

    200 Max

  2. vivek mishra says:

    thanx a lot Bidts , for ur time n advice i ll keep these in mind.

  3. Bidts says:

    @Vivek…. its not so simple…because when you contact them they will inform you that they have already sent request for shipping….. so just send mail for cancellation of this item first. if not cancel then just refuse to accept the item when courier people come to deliver the item to you. I think this will help you to cancel the item.

  4. vivek mishra says:

    how to cancel the order ? :)

  5. Bidts says:

    @vivek… here they are showing the price as 299+shipping charge(100) ….. so you decide yourself…. recently i bought a hanger from tradus @165, which market price is 100/-…later i cancelled the order and money was refunded.

  6. Bidts says:

    I bought it from laxminagar (delhi) main market @250.

  7. vivek mishra says:

    on ebay this is 1000rs , i dont know on what basis u r saying that we can get this in 250 rs (though i have already bought it :(

  8. Kavita says:

    Thanks Bdts I was thinking to buy one earlier.

  9. Bdts says:

    The price of this type carpet is max 250 in market

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