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megadeals1909New (Bangalore) Fancy Centre Cheese and Vegetable Grater Rs. 3.

Gift Voucher will work on purchase through Mobile or Tablet Device.

1. (Delhi/NCR) Tang Orange Pack of 2 Rs. 3Gift Voucher: MTANG
2. (Bangalore) Fancy Centre Cheese and Vegetable Grater Rs. 3Gift Voucher: MGRATER
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60 Responses to “Tradus Mega Deals”

  1. RAM says:

    TRADUS WORST SITE!!!!!!!!!

  2. RAVI says:


    tradus is collecting your data

    by imposing the conditions like make a missed call to a specific number

    in this trick they fulfil the conditions of TRAI not to call or sms without their permission.

  3. Ankit says:

    dont purchase from tradus anything all items are fake….i recently ordered colgate toothbrush and they cancelled my order…thsi is just for promotion….i also dint got any recharge also from 4 days of purchase

  4. vineet says:

    I think Tradus copoun don’t even work through laptop too.

  5. RAVI says:

    I think it is a good idea by TRadus by accepting orders thro’ only mobile/tablet, as it is a time consuming process by ordering from these gadgets. Earlier the people with many a fake ID’s used to order in bulk and genuine buyers were left stranded,, therefore this option of ordering from mobile is really a practical approach for such deals as these would reach maximum..

  6. ajk says:

    Now they are taking orders and then canceling… Even in Delhi.

  7. dumbo says:

    good deals for delhi/ncr only
    what sort of bs is this?

  8. Neel says:

    not available in mumbai. kya?


    First I want to know that In which part of India or in which city they are shipping all these item???. I have checked several city but nowhere it is serviceable.

  10. Sudha says:

    this is totally pathetic

    soup not adding to cart and showing 400 qty. sold
    few minutes later, 800 sold and deal ended

  11. Chatwal says:

    Not able to buy Knorr Classic Mixed Vegetable Soup
    On click on BUY now its not showing anything

    FAKE People TRADUS Guys

  12. ajk says:

    All the sellers are from delhi and no Shipping in delhi… Its a marketing gimmick..

  13. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Recharge for 4 using above link. use code RERECHARGE

  14. ajk says:

    no delivery in delhi… they are fooling people. they will take order and then earninterest over a few days and then refund it. last time i got 10 orders from different id refunded.

  15. Bk says:

    Shipping pincode is non-serviceable against some of the items in your cart. Kindly change shipping address or remove item from cart.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Onze seller ships only in Delhi.
    So do not try to buy above deals

  17. unknown says:

    Shipping pincode is non-serviceable against some of the items in your cart. Kindly change shipping address or remove item from cart.
    what is dis nonsense..

  18. MEHUL SHAH says:

    N.A. for Mumbai 400067 & 400066

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s for selected locations.
    Tradus is collecting traffic

  20. vivek says:

    Shipping pincode is non-serviceable against some of the items in your cart. Kindly change shipping address or remove item from cart.

    SMI for god’s sake mention clearly where all it is valid.

    by the way i tried it from Chennai

  21. Sukhwinder says:

    Ordered all products @ rs 3 each
    SMI check price

  22. Sudha says:

    pen is rs. 5
    colgate is rs. 5

  23. 007 says:

    no shipping in gujarat state

  24. ANONYMOUS says:


  25. amit says:

    @ajk agar dimaag laga kar shopping ki hoti toh aaj tu lakhpati hota:P jaise mera dost ban gaya tradus walo ne maala maal kar diya tha

  26. Vikas Bansal says:

    not working

  27. abc says:

    nt delivering in ahmedabad

  28. srinath says:

    not delivering in hyderabad…seems they deliver to their surrounding radius only.

  29. ajk says:

    gaon mei rehne wale logo ke liye nhi hai bhai… aaj tak mere saare order deliver kiye hain 1-2 ko chhor ke. kam se kam 40-50 order kar chuka hun….

  30. R says:

    Shipping pincode is non-serviceable against some of the items in your cart. Kindly change shipping address or remove item from cart.

  31. Mahesh says:

    Lagta Hai tradus chopping karna hi band karna padega, TOTAL TIME WASTE ……

  32. ak says:

    all oos

  33. Vishal says:

    I have ordered these types of products before from tradus but they haven’t deliver the product.

    time wasting

  34. ashish says:

    @ Krishnareddy

    u got rs1500 cash back in ur a/c?

  35. sandy says:

    Kasam se bhai… itne K*&(^@ he yeh log ki PACKAGING charge bhi add kar rhe hein…
    abbey … itna chirkutai karke kya le loge? TRADUS- tum log NAYA TREND shuru karke BAAKI k ecom sites ko bhi apni tarah STUPID bana doge…

  36. Krishnareddy says:

    For all: register in and login daily to get 5rs . refer your friends and earn 100rs . till now i earned 1500rs . i got money also. you can create fake accounts but new mobile numbers needed

  37. Krishnareddy says:

    to buy any deals again and again Just create new user id and probed with another mobile number with same address.

  38. Krishnareddy says:

    Anybody used REFER A FRIEND option in tradus? i used and i got almost 1500rs in tradus.i bought mega deal offers and i got 20items while i ordered 25items. only 5cancelled and got refund. \

    @vim bar bought fellows: Just send mail to , they wil refund your money . i got My 6rs back .

    for any issue send mail . they wil revert within 2days. i got Reply so i am informing to you.


  39. CP says:



    These deals are for Delhi only shipping pincode not serviceable as usual in other parts of country Is TRADUS is a local website for Delhi??

  41. Vihari says:

    Hi All,

    Simply I can say that, Tradus want to increase their user in website, to increase their rating.

    @jayesh sanghavi

    Try with new User id

  42. rdx says:

    agree with GD AIRAN chor hai tradus

  43. G D AIRAN says:

    vim bar mrp 5 ,tradus says wholesale price 10/-
    selling at 3+3 shipping cost ,total rs 6/-
    tradus is thus chaeating

  44. H.S.Gupta says:

    shipping pincode not serviceable as usual in kolkata .. :poop:

  45. shilpa says:

    Not applicable for vizag ppl…

  46. VISHAL says:

    pincode 394210/395002…..ecpect nahi kar raha he…kon ki city me del.he….pls,reply me

  47. Sunil says:

    tradus is a crook.. they give offers and then cancle order. I ordered for Facewash at Rs.6/0..and now they tell me that order is cancelled….

    seems they are collectingemail addresses and credit card numbers for phishing…


  48. Gagan says:

    Same old tricks by Tradus..not working for old customers. Tradus following same old ebay techniques…:(

  49. S.Sharma says:

    Most orders are not honoured and later cancelled. In name of magadeals, they are collecting email ids and phone numbers which later find their way to gray market for all sort of unwanted stuff.

  50. Manas says:

    Today use your PAYTM coupons of Jabong (Valid till 15th April) to purchase Phosphorous Briefs for 174 (299 – 125) only with free shipping. Hurry, Limited stocks. Purchased 2 sets.

    @SMI – Inform members through a Post.

  51. tradus is chor says:

    Tradus chor hai bhi log

  52. Sunny says:

    They are trying to clear their unsold stocks with useless Deal Offers. Boycott TRadus

  53. sumeet says:

    tradus is makinng fool ,,they accept the order and then later on cancel the order due to late delivery without asking for increasing the time limit from the user…….for the costly product they ask the user to increase the time limit to deliver…simpley fake waste of time waste ogf time

  54. jayesh sanghavi says:

    hi tradus .. if u r reading this ,, then let me tell u.. i got few promotional offers ,, but now u r denying of giving me any further offers saying that u have availed maximum number of promotional offers.. by this you are denying me new prodcuts very sad

  55. sunny says:

    @ shubham ji refund aa jaiga ….. 7 to 21 working day me …..

  56. rahul says:

    @shubham or faso

  57. Shubham says:

    I ordered one bandid deal but tradus deducted my balance 2 times . Is any one help me how to get deducted amount……help

  58. Naresh says:

    marke me is se sasta milta hai ….Bekaar deal

  59. raj says:

    pincod nhi le raha hai?konse city me avalible hai?plz reply.

  60. ramesh says:

    Lagta hau Tradus wale ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai, pehle 1-1 mega deal deta that ab kisi ko product nahi mil raha to 1 sath sub product sale karne per laga hai, kya hoga TRADUS ka Bhagwan hi bachay .

    me to TRADUS Ko salah doonga ka OLD is GOLD

    @SMI aap b kis ki aid dene lage ho

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