Tradus Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100, Rs. 100 off on Rs. 199, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 399, Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000

tradusNew - (shipping varies depending on location) Bozz 5W LED Bulb Pack of 2 Rs. 202 | Digitek Li-ion Batter Universal Charger DLC-001 Rs. 202 | Ranz USB Portable Speaker Rs. 192 | Air Sure Lavender Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 91 | Tanz Women’s Watch Rs. 291 | Boosah Adjustable Spaghetti Top Pack of 6 Rs. 252

Gift Voucher will work on purchase through Mobile or Tablet. Not valid on Pen Drives & Memory Card.

Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100+ Gift Voucher: SAVEAA50
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 199+ Gift Voucher: SAVE70
Rs. 200 off on Rs. 399+ Gift Voucher: SAVE170
Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000+ Gift Voucher: AFFM300
Will work on purchase through Android App – Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100+ Gift Voucher: SAVEAPP50 (Download Tradus Android App)

Website: Tradus

Good Buys: (shipping varies depending on location) Macclite Non-Stick Tawa Rs. 181 | Logitech Ultimate Ears 100 Earphones Rs. 251 | Luminous 4 Way Extension Board Rs. 237 | Chicco Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo 500ml Rs. 252 | Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 Rs. 490 | Ozomax Travel Micro Hair Dryer Rs. 111 | Vega Six Tools Manicure Handset Rs. 64 | Esinti Tango Hand Wash 500ml Rs. 127 | Cricket Bat Rs. 153 | Nike Cotton Socks Pair of 3 Rs. 103 | PREVIOUS GOOD BUYS

45 Responses to “Tradus Rs. 50 off on Rs. 100, Rs. 100 off on Rs. 199, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 399, Rs. 300 off on Rs. 1000”

  1. vijay says:

    its wast site ,they will put attractive offers they will deduct money ,but we will not received any products ,after some time they will return you money .its really wast i think .
    recently i see few offer ,on one can believe those 10kg cashew ,160 Rs ,5kg basumati raise ,10 rs ,any one can trust these kind of offers ,my friends order these two items no one get these products,its really wast .

  2. Anonymous says:

    coupon not working any more

  3. MONOJ says:

    i had purchased peter england shirts from tradus and they were fake ones. Dont buy anything from tradus they are supplying fake products.

  4. Ravi says:

    coupon not working any more :(

  5. TANVEER says:

    coupon not working today.

  6. Anonymous says:

    CHOR company…first they will deliver your product to gain your confidence in time. Once they gain confidence of the customer they will not deliver the product with flimsy reason. They will use your money and refund after some time.

  7. Nishad says:

    Tradus is now very popular shopping site ,providing good quality at lowest price.

  8. ankit says:

    Copupns above are not valid and you can’t use them again. I think tradus should allow people to avail the discount..
    If they want they can restrict to not use more than 4-5 coupons a month…

  9. Sunil says:

    bought Denizen Racer Back Vest Pack of 3 for Rs.231…

  10. ehsan says:

    Please dont buy anything from tradus, Discounts might be attractive. But they will never give after sales support. They dont care if u recieved the product in what condition.

  11. Metal Thrasher says:

    Guys, the ones giving negative feedback are just trolling on the web with no job to do..I live in Hyderabad, ordered like 10 products with various numbers/emails and got them ALL delivered <5 days..All of them came in good condition and pretty much better value for its price..All are non branded. so need to feel alright about fakes as you don't spend much..Regarding higher priced items, If there is a brand mentioned then go for it, else you might not wanna regret getting a fake one..Overall, Tradus is a great site for budget stuff and good shipping times for me..

  12. ajk says:

    tradus ke seller chor hain. kabhi sahi saman nhi bhejte. ultimately get refund. they earn interest only.

  13. shub says:

    08067730052 …..Tradus toll free no for applying voucher is not working says this call can not be completed at this moment pls try again later.

  14. ajay says:

    perfct delivery of all orders in delhi..i orderrd almost 20items in last month,al i got..
    ppl having complains might b reason of non resident of delhi,mumbai,banglore..thats y u getting problm of order cancellatn

  15. sam says:

    most of the time they will cancel order, i ordered 1 product from 3 different seller in last 10 days, non was able to deliver. worst website. only once one of order was deliverd that too afer getting cancelled from 1st seller.

    funny part is that all the seller are still selling the same product at d same price, 2 seller are just 12 km from from my address.

    tradus will send automated mail teling that order will be cancelled and seller will be penalized,

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not good all products are bad quality

  17. PRS says:

    Usually ppl complain of Tradus not delivering, but this time, they delivered the product… and for some reason reversed the whole amount also.

  18. nj says:

    Logitech 2.1 Stereo Speaker LS21 Rs. 1099 available cheaper rate than amazon after apply gv code try guys

  19. Sunil says:

    i had ordered a lot of things on Tradus using Discount coupons, sometimes i have to order 2-3 times for a product like Sandisk 16GB pendrive for Rs.369 only…its worth a wait.
    Recieved All products Genuine like

    Sandisk 16GB Pendrive – Rs.369
    Engae Deo(Pack of 3) – Rs.230
    USb Cable – Rs. 22
    Jackly 31 in 1 Tool Kit – Rs.51
    Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card – Rs.231
    Pack of 2-LeopoldCotton Lower – Rs.231
    Usb 2.0 OTGCable – Rs.3
    and a lot More.
    So mixed reactions from my side.

  20. Ankit Shah says:

    Agree with Vipul, Same thing happened with me. I placed order for Diapers and then next day they cancelled it without any reason..

  21. VIpul Mehta says:

    Tradus Cheating with Customes. I give order of Many Poko Diapers, Tradus give discount on purchasing by mobile. but Next day Tradus cancelled my Order.
    Friends be careful.

  22. ajk says:

    Tradus is a cheat. If you buy using a gift voucher most often your order will not be shipped and will be canceled.
    If they bother to ship the product they deliver defective or damaged products. Also sometimes they dey deliver partial items.
    When it comes to electronic items, they dont give the invoice which would be valid for warranty purposes.

    Never buy from tradus. Save money and time and tension.

  23. harish yadav says:

    not working on mobiles and dry fruits

  24. Sammoses says:

    Have purchased many products from Tradus and delivered perfectly.But still there are some cases not specifically to this site, where one would get disappointed after booking one week later they will initimate that seller has not shipped the product and will refund the money back and cancel the order .But wat happens is that there may be no such product but they show up and we pay for it.So they have lot of our fools money in their account for 10-15 days which earns them Interest.We get refunded more days later without interest.

  25. Harchand says:

    Robbing in shipping charges

    Order Summary DetailsChange
    Product ValueRs. 63
    Shipping ChargesRs. 85
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    Convenience ChargesRs. 2
    Gifting ChargesRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 16
    Grand Total : Rs. 134
    Total Payment to be made

  26. Pramod says:

    The Tradus website doesn’t work on all mobiles, was searching for a software through which you could browse through PC itself. Found one and it works great. Its called Opera Mobile Emulator 12.1. Now you can apply the mobile coupon on your PC without fiddling with the small screen.

  27. KP Raju says:

    please dont post this bcas simply they are charging a large amount for shipping and making customers “FOOLS”. pl remove it, bcas i dont want to see such a worst(foolish) ad in wonderful and my favourite SMI

  28. VT says:

    Hi, SMI please don’t sent the offers from tradus site. It’s total Farzi site. I have purchased many times but always refund. Don’t buy anything here.

  29. Sreenivas says:

    I bought Manicure kit(80/-), Lakme Sun Expert(230+175+100=309 after disc), Rechargeable batteries(AAA size 275+275+50=427 after disc..already shipped, world time+Torch Rs 251 after disc all delivered in good state.
    May be some people had problems but it worked for me. There may be duplicates if you buy branded items. Its same with other websites too eg shopclues even flipkart as mentioned in user reviews.

  30. Ranjith says:

    Dear all,

    Tradus is not going to supply ur order, if u r buying using promotional coupons. They simply cancel the order. Waste of money and time. They just want to install the tradus application in ur smartphone and to get ur mail ID. (Hi, there are many ways to avail the offer without using smart phone/tab).

  31. Sarthak says:

    Tradus is writing 8% off on mobiles through mobile website or 9% off through their desktop website…but they are only providing 1 % discounts…..

    sareaam loot rhe h…..check it guys

  32. TANVEER says:


  33. Sachin says:

    Two orders were cancelled from two different accounts… Tradus website wasted my time and energy…..

    Reason for cancelling by default Out Of stock…

  34. prakash says:

    anyone gt lotto sandals? are they original?

  35. prakash says:

    Ordered like 15 times…all of them delivered …but yes I ve received fake stuff in past

  36. Samik says:

    SMI ….any good products for Bangalore users IN the range of Rs. 50 ?

  37. Mehul Shah says:


  38. Mehul Shah says:

    Use coupon APT50, APT100, APT200
    Valid on 51, 199 & 399/-
    Valid on all categories & all products
    But can use either of the one in one account

  39. kailash kher says:

    order cancelled by tradus. fraud seller.

  40. Rahul says:

    Do not use Tradus. I have ordered like 10 times & all the time my order was cancelled. The Tradus deals are just to register users with them so that they can show how successfull their website is. They have never delivered me any order for which coupon is used.

  41. Sachin says:

    Shipping charge is Rs115 for a 100gm product…None of the courier guys will charge more than 50rs shipping for 100gm…. Good Keep it up tradus…..

  42. suman kumar says:

    Hi all,
    I ordered usb hub 10 days response from seller and customer care. Pathetic service by advice not to put big amount for buying in tradus.

  43. Gagan says:

    @ SMI : Can you list some more good buys…i ordered couple of products from the list which you shared previously…Thanks for that :)

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