Umbrella + Colgate Plax 50ml Rs. 110 – YumeDeals

umbrella-plaxUmbrella + Colgate Plax 50ml can be bought for Rs. 110 from YumeDeals.

Buy: Umbrella + Colgate Plax 50ml (to make total Rs. 100+ for checkout)

10 Responses to “Umbrella + Colgate Plax 50ml Rs. 110 – YumeDeals”

  1. Mehul says:

    I have ordered twice from yumedeals last week. Have not received even a single product. They claim to ship the ordered products within 2 days, but that doesn’t seem to happen. The status still shows complete. Going forward I will be apprehensive to deal with them. They seem to be headed indiaplaza way.

  2. vishal says:

    @geno when complete status changed to ship after that u will get ur order

  3. vishal says:

    @geno wait for the order or u can contact to 040-30009373

  4. Geno says:

    I ordered couple of products from yumedeals. Getting an error on the website to check the shipping status. Status says ‘complete’ but I haven’t got the products yet. am worried about online shopping …

  5. Nope says:

    I have not purchased anything but it seems excellent.

  6. Krishna says:

    If these guys(Neel and Elvis) are saying correct . then we shouldn’t buy anything from here as well as from timtara.

  7. Elvis says:

    I agree to Neel, Yume is a fake site. I had ordered knorr soup 4 pkts and below was the message. Upto now I havent received the order. I dont have the patience or time to go after Rs. 100/- Yume is going to be like <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

    knorr soup 4 pkts
    Your Order #10589 Has Been Processed!

    Your order #10589 has been successfully processed!

  8. pradeep says:

    website giving error while registration :(

  9. vishal says:

    @neel stop confusing others because i purchased lot of things from yume.dont make any assumtion

  10. Neel says:


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