Videocon D2H HD Add-on Subscription 1st Month Rs. 1

videocon-d2h-1• To avail the offer price of Rs. 1, the customer must subscribe to HD Add-on at any point of time during the mentioned offer period from 20th May to 22nd May 2016.
• Once subscribed @ Rs. 1, HD Add-on shall be available for 30 days & cannot be de-activated before that.
• If You want to discontinue the service post the Subscription Period, You need to call the customer care one day prior to offer completion date (i.e. in this case he needs to call on the 29th day) to get it deactivated, else it will continue on the regular price of Rs. 125/150/175 per month respectively as per the subscribed base packs, from the next month onwards, until requested for disconnection.

Videocon D2H: HD Add-on

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