Vim Dishwash Lemon 120ml Rs. 1, Comfort Fabric Conditioner 20ml Rs. 1, Ponds Men Face Moisturiser 20gm Rs. 1 – Amazon

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Note: Amazon is adding stock few times a day.

Vim Dishwash Lemon 120ml Rs. 1
• Comfort Fabric Conditioner 20ml Rs. 1 – Pink | Green | Blue
Ponds Men Face Moisturiser 20gm Rs. 1

93 Responses to “Vim Dishwash Lemon 120ml Rs. 1, Comfort Fabric Conditioner 20ml Rs. 1, Ponds Men Face Moisturiser 20gm Rs. 1 – Amazon”

  1. Raaj says:

    My order also cancelled

  2. raj says:

    i got after 2 month…thanks SMI…

  3. dk says:

    I ordered 9 vim package. It got delivered.


  4. bahadur says:

    My order cancelled by them…
    This s z all bussiness trick…

  5. Neha says:

    ordered vim drop on 17 Oct and received it today.. thought it was a advertising stunt but was happy 2 c my package finally being delivered. p.s – the delivery boy was not willing to take re 1 lol..
    Amazon rocks!!!

  6. ASHISH says:


  7. Nisarg says:

    finally after i purchased this product on 21st OCT i received this product today. ordered at COD got all 4 all well packed and all brand new piece Excellent service by AMAZON


    Received all the samples…as ordered twice…
    And also one which was ordered yesterday..
    Great…one Amazon…

  9. anmol says:

    amazon cancelled my order !!. it wasnt expected from company like amazon. really shame.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I also ordered this but the order got cancelled within 24 hours. Totally wastage of time

  11. sanju says:

    yehhh… today I got vim liquid …thanks amozon

  12. rajesh says:

    Vijayraghvan tu dhobi h kya jo itne manga liye

  13. Shanky says:

    i have orderd for 1VIM DISHWASH LEMON POUCH . first i got message of successful order placed but after some times amazon cancelled my order without giving any reason. it wasnt expected from company like amazon. its shame. really shame.

  14. GauravGM says:

    Order got cancelled within 24 hours.
    Once e-commerce consumer protection laws come into the picture, then they will not be able to play with our sentiments.

  15. Rahul says:

    Fake I have ordered 3 its placed successfully but cancelled after 24 hours??

  16. Rakesh says:

    We got all samples from

    good services & good Products

    Thanks to amazon



  18. RK says:

    Get all products. Amazon u rocks

  19. Arshad says:

    I got all the 3 products… for 3 rps… awesome.. thanks smi and amazon,
    excellent packing as well

  20. Dost says:

    Thnx to the moisturiser worth 80. vim worth rs 20. contioner is ok.. total paid 5 Rs..

  21. Paresh says:

    I recieved all 3 items before 2 days

  22. anis says:

    this is the very good product I got both the item

  23. Devender says:

    recieved all 3products!!!! thnx amazon and SMI

  24. anand says:

    I got both product on 19 th before delivery date great thanks amazon and smi

  25. ashish says:

    Two days back i got ponds cream today i got sms tht vim liquid i vl recieve…thanks SMI

  26. JANNAT says:

    i 2 got it
    & wat haoppen if thy deliver aft a month
    u are not paying anything
    i put cash on deliver
    & i 2 got the produt
    with super packing

    thnx SMI & amazon

  27. jagdish says:

    no. this is true they deliver i got mine 2 days ago.
    best products re 1 on cod
    best deal..

  28. darshu valand says:

    abhi hame to kuch bhi nai mila ji …babaji ka thullu…mila…

  29. kanti says:

    Recieved good product of mosturiser
    Now vim dishwad in transit

  30. Anonymous says:

    Today i have received 3 ponds face mosturiser, each Rs85/- .

  31. parteek says:

    my order not shipped still . waiting for the order after reading the comments.

  32. andy says:

    my order also shipped.

  33. YO YO says:

    Received Ponds Moisturiser today Not at all fake…Thnks SMI

  34. Rajesh says:

    Comfort Fabric Conditioner BLUE is available for 1 rupee. Loot Lo.

  35. ranjith says:

    waste of time.. always out of stock

  36. Prateek says:

    @Ganesh WHATEVERRRRR….

  37. Mamta says:

    order Vim,men face wash,wisper

  38. anand says:

    vim dishwas available
    ponds and other roduct out of stock

  39. Ganesh says:

    @ prateek you are the idiot actually. At the time of order proessing it is indeed saying 9 days delivery for everybody.

  40. Bk says:

    Your Shopping Cart is empty.

  41. Prateek says:

    VERY FUNNY @ PRANAB, Amazon is not fool, but you are because you didnt read that it would be available at 30 November therefore when they say that it would take 9-12 days, they gave a tentative delivery date as 5-12 December… STOP WATCHING START READING JERK

  42. Pranab says:

    When I placed order, it gave me the delivery time as 9-12 business day; however now in the order history it shows the estimated delivery as 5-12 Dec..quite funny.

  43. rajesh bagale says:

    1 rs ka gajar dikhake tum logoka mail id milata hai fir uspe ghatiya offer bhejneko milenge na.
    samajata nahi hai yaar..

  44. Vinod says:

    one location pe only one ordered hota he

  45. kunal says:

    I have ordered one month ago.. but still not received… It is showing delivery date in dec..:( don’t make us fools

  46. nandhakumar says:

    Ordered vim 1

  47. Sri says:

    Why are they doing this? :) Ordered Vim for Re1.

  48. Deep WB says:

    I ordered for vim dishwash @ rs. 1 yahooo

  49. mounish says:

    ordered 1 vim

  50. tarun says:

    sab bevkoof bnate hai, they have cancelled my order…all poor guys,,Amazon also following flipkart

  51. neha says:

    ordered 4 vim dishwash from 4 diff accounts
    delievery date 6 dec to 9 th dec.
    bt i doubt will they really deliver?

  52. Saurabh says:

    Cheating & fooling people. firstly you cant get stock. luckily I got but my order cancelled by amazon after 5 days of receiving of payment without any reason

  53. dhaval says:

    now in stock

  54. Anonymous says:

    Got it now!

  55. rajesh bagale says:

    aaj kal sub online shoppping company public ko bana rahi hai..
    1 rs ka offer dikhaneka aur kehneka out of stock, etc.

  56. sharukh says:

    all fake…aftr confirmation they will send a email of cancellation due to low stock

  57. Gaurav says:

    Now its working guyz..

  58. Amar says:

    Steal deal, ordered Vim. Delivery in December.. a long wait. I hope I remember that I have ordered.

  59. ram says:

    Amazon making fool to customers.they booked order but not send and saying that “undelivered area ” even other product send on same address
    Amazon means time waste…

  60. kanna says:

    i ordered all deals form amazon@1 but delivery time is toooo long on december 9th for all deals. anyway thanks smi.

    i have seen this after sold out

    Note: The order quantity for this product is limited to 1 unit per customer.

    Missed the ‘Re.1’ offer today? Offer will be available again tomorrow at 10 am.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Order kaise karna hai.

  62. pankaj says:

    ordered vim and green fabric one.

  63. Kuldeep Dabas says:

    Its for You..PoPo..waiting it eagerly…hahhah

  64. Kuldeep Dabas says:

    Ordered d same but dont know the dispatched date…recieved confirmation mailed too

  65. Raftaar says:

    Can’t order pond’s men face moisturiser… Says out of stock while proceeding to payment.

  66. nishit says:

    friends how to buy this product?

  67. Amit Shah says:

    got both at 2 rs but the delivery date : 2-5 dec 2014

    :( they will ship or not i have dough.

  68. Harsha says:

    one cannot order the same item twice,in which case the second order gets cancelled.But good thing is they will ship first order for sure

  69. sam says:

    got it all..very nice..Amozon best for quality product and in price…

  70. pankaj says:

    suna hai kuch log 1 rupees ke liye bhi cash on delivery chahte hain

  71. Anonymous says:

    yeah gotcha gotcha gotcha
    atleast got a lemon and strawbwerry after 1 day for just Rs.2

  72. Pegs says:

    Ordered 50 items for both. Amazon later cancelled 49 of each . Will now get 1 item each in :0 December

  73. sachin says:

    Yaar ye order cod pe kaise karna hai

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. ashish says:

    Not yet dispatched
    Delivery estimate: Friday 5 December 2014 – Tuesday 9 December 2014

  76. vicky says:

    got both at 2 rs but the shipping estimation is 2-5 dec 2014

  77. tanu says:

    Yeh… Ordered both its….working

  78. Raj says:

    Now working

  79. meet says:

    order canceled they allow only one quantity of each product.

  80. Swapnil says:

    At the end what we got is lemon.. lol

  81. naveen says:

    not working. cart “0″ items

  82. mani says:

    Currently unavailable !

  83. harsh says:

    Shopping Cart
    Your Shopping Cart is empty.

    You have items saved to buy later. To buy one–or more–now, click “Move to cart” next to the item.



  85. Naresh Kumar says:

    Gud deal.

  86. anish says:

    Will they deliver ? And why is it 5 December ?

  87. Sandy says:

    I have order 7 quantity both of them each…..

  88. DPP says:

    Thats same i was saying
    Gud ni8 friends

  89. Anand says:

    Lets enjoy the BIG BILLION NIGHT WITH AMAZON @?1

  90. SOUBHAGYA says:

    HaHa..Ordered The items …let’s wait and watch…Beauty of Night…

  91. zeeshan says:

    they will ship it by dec 2014 whne the item willnget in stock in Nov 2014

  92. DPP says:

    Raat ko jagne ka mazza aa gaya
    No flipkart AMAZON hi sahi
    But ek rs. Me kuch to mila

  93. RAMESH KUMAR says:


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