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vincent-chaseLensKart has discounted Vincent Chase Shiny Black Eyeglasses with Lens to Rs. 299 – Rs. 129 Reward Points = Rs. 170. Size: 55-12.5-138, Shape: Rectangle & Type: Full Rim.

Buy: Vincent Chase Shiny Black Eyeglasses with Lens (Add product to cart and click Apply Reward Points > Use Maximize Possible Points. If you don’t have Reward Points, register new account & get 1000 Reward Points.)

31 Responses to “Vincent Chase Shiny Black Eyeglasses with Lens Rs. 170 – LensKart”

  1. Dhawanbm says:

    Hello SMI

    I am sorry to say that there service is below average and poor or would i say hopeless. I am sure you might not publish my message or so called feedback, any how i would like to publish my views on several other forums and discussions.
    Wrong lens delivered to my Order #1200355465 POOR SERVICE LENSCART
    YOU HAVE DELIVERED R= -0.75 and L = -0.75
    MY ORDER WAS as follows:-
    Vincent Chase 313-1 Shiny Black Eyeglasses
    Right Power(SPH)
    Left Power(SPH)
    LensType : Normal-Lens-Package
    Bronze package
    eye:vincent-chase-313-1-shiny-black-eyeglasses 1

  2. mehul says:

    Game Over, Now it is Rs.1299/- 799/- for Frame & 500 for Glass.. It has come to noticed of Lenskart & they changed it immediately.

  3. Harshit says:

    @SMI, the frame is for 799, not 299 … how do i get it for 170rs/-

  4. RAGHUBAR says:

    @ tivemehul, you r right. this deal has become more attractive due to appliication of reward point which lenscart would have not realised whoile making deal but smi realised, even freekamaaal is showing deal price as rs.299 not 170. thanks smi ,i also bought one with antiglare coating for rs.260. good job done smi.

  5. mehul says:

    Actually, this offer is by mistake,wherein discounts & reward points are applied simultaneously
    that too reward point is calculated on gross amount. So this a impractical approch.

  6. Dhawanbm says:

    Thanks smi, its too good to resist, placed one order for Rs170/-, oh my god, i cant imagine, thanks smi! Tusi great ho gi

  7. S Gurumurthi says:

    Thanks SMI – Good Deal.
    Purchased a Spare.

  8. DON says:

    worse .. dont go for it..

  9. spiderman says:

    Bought one

  10. Rahul says:

    I don’t have any power, I just want an anti glare one (SILVER PACKAGE), What should I write in these fields “Sphere (SPH) Cylinder(Optional) Axis (0-180)(Optional)”

  11. Rahul says:

    I don’t have any power, I just want an anti glare one (SILVER PACKAGE), what details should I give in Power & Bifocal Fields ?

  12. Loothunter says:

    Bought one for 260 :-) # Worth to Pay Extra 100 for Anti-glare … Etc So use Silver Package guys !

  13. Monika Jain says:

    Hey SMI,

    Size can not be changed?? :-(

  14. mahi says:

    please guide me to buy.where exactly put as order

  15. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Deepak its for Rs.260/- with reward points.

  16. Man says:

    Sorry SMI its Rs.195 on Cash on delivery otherwise through net banking its Rs.170 only……….:)

  17. Rohit says:

    purchased for 285 with anti glare… awesome deal smi

  18. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Free shipping.

  19. mahi says:

    how can i buy,,

  20. Man says:

    Hey SMI its Rs.195 including shipping charges of Rs,25 and not Rs.170. Plz update.

  21. Deepak says:

    purchased for 285 including cod charges…..
    but i think for just 100rs more,, its better to go for anti-glare lenses than the regular plain white lenses

  22. Patrik says:

    lol purchased this one for Rs.195 with shipping!

  23. MEHUL SHAH says:

    good dharma, purchased.

  24. dharma says:

    IF you are an existing user you can use your reward points to get at Rs.170

  25. MEHUL SHAH says:

    SMI Any other model available?

  26. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Add product to cart for automatic discount.

  27. praful says:

    where is the discount code ??

  28. Ronie says:

    how to apply for discount …where is discount coupons?

  29. Sharath Kumar G says:

    Thank you SMI @ Wonderful offer. Grab one…. Eagerly awaiting for the delivery… :-)

  30. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  31. mani says:

    SMI – offer only for this model???

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