Vivo Freedom Carnival Flash Deals – Vivo

vivo7th to 9th August, 12PM:
• Vivo Nex Rs. 1947
• Vivo V9 Rs. 1947
• Vivo XE100 Earphones Rs. 72
• Vivo USB Cable Rs. 72
• Vivo XE680 Premium Earphones Rs. 72

Vivo: Freedom Carnival Flash Deals

3 Responses to “Vivo Freedom Carnival Flash Deals – Vivo”

  1. user says:

    as always
    on the name of flash sale
    they want traffic

    They ownly not ready with site with heavy traffic

    site crashed

  2. Nik says:

    Trust this fraudsters to rake up clicks on the website
    Sale starts at 12..
    Sold out sticker on 11.30 am
    Either vivo runs on Chinese time…faksters

  3. Tester says:

    Site not reachable. Fake sale

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