Vodafone Hunt the Hearts

voda-heart• Get Free 100MB on Finding 1 Hears
• Get Free 400MB on Finding 4 Hears
• Get Free 1.2GB on Finding 8 Hearts

Download: My Vodafone App

Heart Locations:
1. Number > Add account
2. Balance
3. Amazing offers for you
4. Menu > Shop > Search
5. Menu > Shop > Internet
6. Menu > Roaming > Within India
7. Menu > Switch To 4G
8. Menu > Balance Transfer > Go

18 Responses to “Vodafone Hunt the Hearts”

  1. Avis says:

    I found 7 only..

  2. Bhagyaraj says:

    I got only 6 completed
    In my location there is no 4G so it’s not showing

  3. Sehul says:

    For Pospaid users instead of Balance do as follows:

    Menu > Active Plan

  4. Chottu Charsi says:

    Thanks anonymous and shashank. I got it.

  5. P d says:

    Where’s the 7th heart

  6. Random dude says:

    1st heart in on add account.. still couldn’t find 8th BTW how to redeem?

  7. Shashank Yadav says:

    Find 8th heart. Its on “add account” option

  8. Anonymous says:

    Find my 8th heart…its on “add account” option

  9. Chottu Charsi says:

    Cant find 8th

  10. Random dude says:

    @sameer hearts location is given in posts description all hearts are there except 8th

  11. riyas says:

    1.2gb data was credited but it will expire 28 feb

  12. Random dude says:

    didn’t get 8th heart. but how to redeem this data?

  13. Sameer says:

    @ hemant/Shail: Please tell where you did you find all 7/8 hearts? I could find only 4 hearts.

  14. riyas says:

    I got 8 hearts… but how to redeem it???

  15. Hemant Goyal says:

    Where you find 8th heart? I have found 7 heart.

  16. Anik says:

    For postpaid users, no balance transfer option. Please reply if some one found the last heart

  17. Hemant Goyal says:

    No 8 heart not found.

  18. shail says:

    collected all of them but how this 1.2Gb credited?

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