Win FreeCharge 50% Cashback Promo Codes – TVS Scooty Battle of the Brains

battle-of-the-brainsBattle it out in a quiz competition. Get points by winning rounds. Redeem points for prizes.

TVS Scooty: Battle of the Brains (Prizes) | FreeCharge Website

36 Responses to “Win FreeCharge 50% Cashback Promo Codes – TVS Scooty Battle of the Brains”

  1. Sanjay Verma says:

    Its dead now you can’t redeem coupon.

  2. ATUL says:

    what is the expiry of the codes?

  3. Adhiraj singh says:

    3 coupons not displayed

  4. Andy says:

    when u applied?
    kya mai abhi kr skta hu?

  5. deep says:

    its working..i claimed a coupon can be redeemed once per day

  6. Andy says:

    mai bhe
    fake toh nhi h offer?

  7. Deep says:

    Last 3 days se try kor raha hu..redeem option is coming soon

  8. Andy says:

    no n u?

  9. deep says:

    kisika redeem ho raha hai kya??

  10. abdul says:

    how to play

  11. Andy says:

    how to redeem d points to get recharge?

  12. sakthi says:

    I got one 15 rs code.. but other redemption not respond..
    It is not a cashback. These are discount codes…

  13. sai says:

    its waste of time.. unable to redeem the points

  14. Rahul Aggarwal says:

    I accumulate total 530 points but i’m unable to redeem it? why admin? Clicking on redeem doesn’t work.. to where & wh we file query or complaint?

  15. venky says:

    It works with FC credits also even the terms say it does not accept.
    First select non credit payment option but after applying code pay using
    FC credit. THKS SMI & FC

  16. Anonymous says:

    when i stay on the window it is stuck at “finding people to play”. when i click some other window, game started and ended also

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is it finding people from our facebook friends list only?

  18. Anonymous says:

    finding people to play

  19. robin says:

    bkwas hai

  20. Arun Sathiya says:

    Cashback promo codes are waste. Instant discount codes would be a good option.

  21. Don says:

    it’s working, it finds people also..
    But I have slow Internet.. so always other side wins.. :P

  22. mehul says:

    Nonsense offer, for a coupon of 15 off on 30 you need 50 points & each question has only 5 points.

  23. Siddharth says:


  24. Anonymous says:


    I am getting this message since last 15-20 minutes. How to get past it? Anybody who was able to actually play the quiz please tell us how to start the quiz?

  25. Anmol says:

    khulna bhi toh chaihiye naa

  26. sai says:

    u need to answer questions after dat u vill get points then u can reedem dat coupons for the points u have.

  27. shiv says:

    same here

  28. Anmol says:

    me too

  29. Swapnil says:

    Got connected after validation through FB page,,,,,

  30. gagan says:

    FINDING PEOPLE TO PLAY…from last 1 hour………………….

  31. poonam says:

    Chrome mai kar raha hai work. IE pe nahi kar raha.

  32. Debasish says:


  33. Rahul says:

    What is valid of coupon??? If any one got it!!

  34. dddss says:


  35. MayurN says:

    is PLAY button working for anyone??

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