Win Rs. 5000 – UCNews

ucnews• Remind friends to input your reference code after installation.
• You can draw for credits (1-2500) as everytime your friends enter your reference code.
• Once your credits reached 5000, then you can claim Rs. 5000 cash.
• UC will transfer Rs. 5000 into winner’s bank account once all correct info been submitted before 31st Jan 2017.

Code: 8214432

Download: UCNews App (App > Rs. 5000 for Everyone > Enter Code)

2 Responses to “Win Rs. 5000 – UCNews”

  1. rahul says:

    bekar h fir toh…thanks micky

  2. Micky says:

    U won’t get 5000 at d 1st tym. U ll nku get nearly 2100 after dt for each referral u ll get few.

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