Womens Capri’s Rs. 138 – ShopClues

women_capri_26mayShopClues has Womens Capri’s for Rs. 138. Fabric: Lycra Cotton & Style: 3/4 Pants.

Coupon: SCWC14

Buy: Womens Capri’s (8 colors)

3 Responses to “Womens Capri’s Rs. 138 – ShopClues”

  1. Harsh says:

    Yes, @Sridhar – you are right, I also have been cheated by shop clues when I bought t-shirts,I bought two t-shifts with same size (L) and I received both with labeled size L but one was too large than actual.. not sure how it was happened….

    so guys think before you buy the products like this….

  2. Bakul says:

    you are right….

  3. sridhar says:

    Pl dont buy any clothes/ bedsheets utensils etc from Shop Clues .I have always been cheated. They send you v bad quality stuff. You will waste your hard earned money.

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