Wonderchef Celebration Plus Cookware Set of 2 Rs. 949 – Amazon

wonderchef-celebration76% off.

Features Made from 99.9% virgin aluminium, giving it superior quality and heat conductance, Uses Keravis non stick coating, which makes it safe for home use, Free from PFOA, heavy metals and nickel & Comes with Thermopoint technology to help you gauge the temperature of the cooking surface.

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8 Responses to “Wonderchef Celebration Plus Cookware Set of 2 Rs. 949 – Amazon”

  1. soumya says:

    I purchased 5 pcs , will sell it in OLX…

  2. jaykeen says:

    Oh murli…your r luckey to me…just after seen your reply i tried that deal and u wont belive i got it in lilighting deal…thanks agin murli…

  3. jaykeen says:

    Thanks murli for your reply…
    hope i ll get it next time

  4. murali says:

    @jaykeen offer 100 claimed in 30 min. Offer is over, I ordered it .

  5. jaykeen says:

    Hey smi…i m waiting for your reply…pls help buddy…

  6. jaykeen says:

    Pls help…from which seller i hve to buy this product bcoz m not getting discount

  7. soumya says:

    Lightning deal is over

  8. jaykeen says:

    Hey smi..pls help me…product price is 4000 and after discout it shows 3000…how to get it in 949

    Pls helppp…

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