Woodland Footwear 40% Cashback – PayTm

woodland40PayTm is offering 40% Cashback on Woodland Footwear. Cashback will be added to your PayTm Wallet within 24 hours.

40% Cashback Promo Code: FOOT40 (not applicable on already discounted products)

Buy: Woodland Footwear

Examples: (after 40% cashback)
Woodland Sandals + Rs. 878 Cashback Rs. 2195
Woodland Casual Shoes + Rs. 1198 Cashback Rs. 2995

2 Responses to “Woodland Footwear 40% Cashback – PayTm”

  1. tufail says:

    Grt order one thanks paytm i got my cashback should i transfer it to my bank acount or keep in wallet…

  2. shravan says:

    Thank You SMI Got 1 pair Of Sandals For My father Thank You SMI You ROCK & Thanx To Paym Direct Competitior To Amazon&Flipkart.

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