Xolo A500S Rs. 3999 – Amazon

xolo-a500sAmazon has discounted Xolo A500S to Rs. 3999. Features 4.0-inch Touchscreen, 5MP Primary Camera, 0.3MP Secondary Camera, Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) & Android 4.2 OS.

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25 Responses to “Xolo A500S Rs. 3999 – Amazon”

  1. mehul says:

    Its sold out now

  2. vikram says:

    Check now its available for 3999. The seller is universal. Thanks SMI for such wonderful updates. 3 cheers!!!

  3. kishore says:

    Wrong Price Posted……

  4. mani says:

    wrong post. show price 6275rs

  5. kumar says:

    I m using a500 club Phone working nice past two months as it is new version with dual speakers but picture quality is nice in daylight but not even satisfactory in dark. Does not have junk file removal system so it is quite slow.use two apps for all android phones 1,
    . du speed booster n 2. Du battery booster.
    Go for club model or micromaxx a075 is a better option.

  6. papujul says:

    Yes me too confused please help me

  7. Sagir Siddiqui says:

    I had bought this phone before 4 months. The after sales service is worst.

  8. PRAMOD says:

    I am using this phone since last 3-4 month..and not facing any problem…Video recording is good..and no lagging with apps like subway suffers..templerun…and similer ones..I owned this phone from market@6300…

  9. Vicky says:

    Hey anmol Rather Than googling it look at the box of Xolo. Lava is just the importer of the box nothing Far.

  10. Sree krishna says:

    Don’t confused friends…
    Today xolo a500s at 6,108/- in indaiatimes. Dis shopping website is the best of other websites…
    1.Xolo a500s 6,500/- in flipkart. Delivery 2-3 days. Shipping cost available
    2.This mobile 6,599/- in napptol. Delivery time 3-4 days. Shipping cost 99/-
    3.A500s 6,108 in indiatimes. Delivery time 7-10 free shipping

  11. anmol says:

    dear vicky.. kindly search it out on Google and make it very clear that xolo is a brand name of lava phones India and actually XOLO X900 (Intel AZ510) is a only phone in which intel has given its processor,therefore its actually a lava xolo.. they were using the name of intel!!
    and its better to provide correct information on public platform.. instead of lol
    go to a mobile store and take that box of any xolo phone.. turn back u will find ur answer..
    good luck!

  12. APARABAL KUMAR says:

    I think, XOLO is the joint venture of LAVA and Intel. Its support is provided by Lava. It has a separate

  13. Vicky says:

    Hey Anmol you are actually misunderstood lava also has a xolo named phone, But XOLO is a different manufacturer and gaining a large success, and saying about micromax ‘lol’.

  14. senthil says:

    please tell me quality of this phone & similar configuration with less price.

    Also i can’t find any customer care location

  15. anmol says:

    bhai log…. xolo means ‘lava’! mat lena poora china h.. 4month use kar chuka hu… better go for micromax!!

  16. Gaurav says:

    Ab loot lo company ko…isce sasta to big bazar b ni deta :P
    hmare sukku ji ne lia… :)

  17. Tushar says:

    I buyed it last week it is awesome phone playing the games so smoothly,no problem of hanging everything is just perfect, and people mentioning about after sales services should know that it differs from place to place. Further till now i have no problem with the phone so really do not need the AFter sales services. i would definitely recommend this phone.

  18. hiren trivedi says:

    original price xolo a500s black

  19. Krish says:

    I ordered six days ago and i too got a call from Customer Care and they said stock not avaiable..

    Bad service from Indiatimes shopping first time!!!!!!

  20. vishal says:

    i confirmed my order but today i got a call from their customer care due to acessive order we cant complete ur order so we r cancelling that order

  21. Tushar says:

    @Sonu – I agree as I am pretty confused too and even the Neel has said it correct that the Customer Service or the After Sale Services are very poor. Hence I am dropping my plans to buy this. I rather go for any basic Samsung or Nokia Windows 520.. I suggest you the same.

  22. Neel says:

    m ,,confused…coz of its customer service..its damm poor.

  23. vj says:

    Really disappointing all the prices of mobiles have been increased by 200-500rs dosen,t make sense the actual discount is 7to8%

  24. sonu says:

    @tushar same problem here….i m confused between this and xolo q700…q700 has 1gb ram and 17hrs battery backup remaining all specs are same but costs rs 8500…confused what to do?????????

  25. Tushar says:

    Deal is definitely good but I am confused whether the phone would be a good option to go for?

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