Yebhi Discount Coupons

New Aircel Recharge Coupons.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300+ Coupon: PC3274692BKC
Rs. 200 off on Rs. 599+ Coupon: PC3274687LKQ
Rs. 400 off on Rs. 1200+ Coupon: PC3274691K5G or PC32746939P7
Rs. 500 off on Rs. 1500+ Coupon: PC3064355DCK

Rs. 300 Aircel Talktime on Rs. 1200+ Coupon: talk300 (Aircel FAQ)
Wallets – Rs. 100 Aircel Talktime on Rs. 300+ Coupon: talk100
Aiva Bags – Rs. 1000 Aircel Talktime on Rs. 2000+ Coupon: talk1000

Not applicable on electronics, appliances, super savers, real jewellery, mobiles and products with “No promotion code can be applied” condition.

Website: Yebhi

20 Responses to “Yebhi Discount Coupons”

  1. Raj says:

    They are not working on electronics..Any coupon for electronics??

  2. ALOK says:

    they send immediately or after one or two days…i m facing problem plz contact me on 9419073195 or on 9469454040….one will s/on at a time….plz give only a missed call….thankx

  3. gaurav says:

    @alok u sign up with new account, they will send u coupon as a new member

  4. ALOK says:


  5. gaurav says:

    yebhi is a great site .i bought shoes from yebhi.2299 product was 1299 after heavy discount of 1000.i got it in 1 day.its a great shoe.hats off….

  6. ShahJahan says:

    Anything worth buying has a “No promotion code can be applied” condition!

  7. anmol says:

    why rate are high as compare to market price? i have purchased Reebok shoes from market costs Rs.1799 but for same shoes yebhi giving for 2999. why so?

  8. Ruchir says:

    @Rohit-No jewelry coupon is working because no margin and SMI is not claiming any jewelry coupon and neither inventing one.

    @ Swapnil-It is a courier problem.DTDC is not a great courier comp.It looks that they have refunded you in full.

    @Kapil-True.I talked to Pepperfry people and they also say if you are not happy with coupons you can get full refund instead.

    @SMI-SMI is an awesome site as I have not heard of any coupon on Yebhi Appliances but yours worked and Rs 700 were discounted because of you.The two items-a toaster ATX9 and Platini both were listed costlier at Flipkart and HS18 and Pepperfry and Infibeam.Yebhi was cheaper by Rs 50 approx both and after 700 deduction well.I ordered on Sunday 1:51 AM and 2 hours later at around 3:51 night Sunday,both AWB were listed as 2 orderes in mail both by DTDC priority.The fastest I can imagine.

    Yebhi has its gateway which Ebay,HS18 and very few others have.Reduces chances of failure and refund time.But it takes money to have it.No wonder I remember 95% people recommended it at Mouthshut which is not a nice place for most companies and portals etc.So far I find it the best no less than Flipkart,HS18,Goodlife but so far I have not received any of 2 prod,so no finality.But so far everything is unbelievable.

  9. Rohit Sharma says:

    Why is the coupon not working on jewellery?

  10. swapnil srivastava says:

    ordered 1 bag pack. after 8 days where queried about the consignment. i was told that it is cancelled because they were not able to find the address. my address was my office address, a mnc.

    this site sucks

  11. kapil says:

    you always have an option to get refund instead of gift voucher.

  12. Anchie says:

    Worst online experience. There high end offers like 1000 off on 2000 etc…. really suck. These guys dont refund money …. instead force there customers to use gift coupons which they send instead of money.

    Dont buy from yebhi.

  13. siddharth says:

    promo 1000 off n 1999 not workin

  14. Vaibhav says:

    Where is 40% coupon for footwears ?

  15. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Because they have “No promotion code can be applied” condition.

  16. nandhakumar says:

    Rs. 1000 off on Rs. 1999+ Coupon: PC286724496O….this code is not working in woodland sandals…

  17. Daddy says:

    sachN pray to god that he starts offering discounts on brains…bcoz u seriously need it….aila…

  18. sachN says:

    footwears!!! i said bags..

  19. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    40% off is only valid on footwear. Try Rs. 300 off coupon.

  20. sachN says:

    40% coupon not working on Bagpacks,, why????????

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