Z Collection Shoes 1 Quantity Rs. 200, 5 Quantity Rs. 670 – Jabong

z-collection-shoesJabong is selling Z Collection Shoes 1 Quantity for Rs. 200 & 5 Quantity for Rs. 670. Free delivery.

32% off (no minimum purchase) Voucher: SPARKLE32
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27 Responses to “Z Collection Shoes 1 Quantity Rs. 200, 5 Quantity Rs. 670 – Jabong”

  1. Manish says:

    Guyss pls help How to place an order?

  2. omkar says:

    Hi…hw to purchase d shoe ….

  3. pankaj says:

    @andy quality is also good i am impressed. I was not expecting that goid. However ww should not compare these with reebok puma sparx.

  4. saurabh says:

    awesome deal !!!

  5. andy says:

    @pankaj how is the quality??

  6. gagan says:

    I added 5 shoes to cart but rate is 1700 what to do??

  7. pankaj says:

    Received shoes today. Shoes are value for money.

  8. mehul says:

    Out of 5 ordered 1 pair got cancelled due to quality issues. Let’s see what happens to other 4.

  9. MUKESH says:

    my orders already shipped ..in that price of 200 x 5 = 1000- 330= 670
    also confirmed with them..great …

  10. MUKESH says:

    guys it was fab…as the orders have been booked and closed now…so wait for the next lot..spoke to jabong regards to this..no stock left as of..
    @pankaj..pls chk discount section in the z collection and see the offer on the left hand side buy 3 for 999…and then add to the cart and apply FASHION33 code in the promo code space and get the shoes in 670..

  11. gopis says:

    game over

  12. pankaj says:

    Price increased to 670 per 2 shoes


    Ordered 10 pairs…
    Had also ordered earlier…quality is very good and delivery very fast…so don’t miss this as size stocks run out very fast

  14. sumanth says:

    bought 5..need to check the quality

  15. AJAY says:

    quality is very very good comparison to price

  16. Sudhakar says:

    Quality of projects not good. We can get those in road side….!

  17. mehul says:

    @ by that time you will not get at this price. Order it as Jabong is known for its best services & refunds

  18. dheeraj says:

    Ye bhai 5 pair different color k le sakte h kya aur bhai jo receive kre order plz bta dena ki kaise h shoes ki quality..

  19. dheeraj says:

    Bhai kisi ne abhi tak check kiye h ki quality kaisi h..

  20. San says:

    Got this offer..Have to check the quality of the products after the delivery.Thanks SMI

  21. Mars says:

    @Mehu, thanks very much for your info

  22. mehul says:

    @mars, check in net banking last option. Actually there is wrong groupings of available payment options. Pay u should be highlighted separately

  23. Mars says:

    Hi Mehul,

    How do you order jabong shoes throgh payumoney? In jabong payment option there is no selection for payumoney.

  24. mehul says:


  25. pankaj says:

    Thanks smi good find

  26. kapil says:

    thanks thanks thanks order five hope all is well……size same ho bata ya other brand ki tarha varna must be return all the shoes…..

  27. kohli says:

    Thanq SMI .. i ve 6 of them now :D

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