Zebronics Node MP3 Player cum Card Reader Rs. 268 – eBay

zebronics-nodeZebronics Node MP3 Player cum Card Reader can be bought for Rs. 268 from eBay. Features No built-in memory, Micro SD card slot (32GB max), Built-in battery & 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Recharge & get Rs. 100 off on eBay from: Airtel (Rs. 50 Recharge) | Vodafone (Rs. 150) | Reliance (Rs. 150)

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7 Responses to “Zebronics Node MP3 Player cum Card Reader Rs. 268 – eBay”

  1. Sumit says:

    SMI please confirm. I contacted the airtel customer care team (as you gave me the link). They said that you have to do a minimum recharge of Rs. 300 to get the coupon. The Rs. 50 recharge was their old offer which is no more applicable!

  2. Sumit says:

    I contacted airtel customer care. Bad response. Once they said that “Sorry sir, we don’t have any information on this offer” & the other time they said that “offer is only valid for a minimum recharge of Rs. 300″.
    What to do SMI?
    Are other ppl getting the coupons?

    PS – I got the coupons for the first four recharge but after that I am getting “error” instead of the coupon. I have wasted Rs. 550 in this. Please help SMI

  3. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    If you are not getting eBay coupon from Airtel, contact customer care.
    Reviews: http://www.flipkart.com/zebronics-node-mp3-player/p/itmdgqr5s7veznkg

  4. Sumit says:

    Airtel Rs. 50 recharge not working. Getting an error instead of the coupon.
    Please confirm SMI.

  5. SMI-fan says:

    @SMI: in image of product it says ‘with warranty’ but in description it says ‘no warranty’

    Also, cost is 339 in chennai & 339+29 for elsewhere in India??

    no memory card as well… is the product ok?

  6. Ruchir says:

    I am waiting SMI for a second genuine person(actual honest chap getting 100 off on RC of 50 Airtel) who has hit the jackpot with 50.2 months will be enough for me.I have no personal interest but in truth.

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