Zovi Clothing, Footwear & Accessories upto 80% + 5% off + 5% off

zovi80Minimum order value Rs. 399. Elite Members: Free Shipping. Others: Free shipping on orders above Rs. 598 & Rs. 100 on orders below Rs. 598.

All 4 discounts add up:
Upto 80% off: Select products, already discounted.
5% off, 10% off on Rs. 2000+ Coupon: PAYNOW (upto maximum 50% discount on MRP)
5% off & Free Shipping from: Zovi Elite (click How do I become eligible?)
5% off upto Rs. 50 from: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. In Zovi, Payment > PayUMoney.)

Zovi: End of Season Sale (Men’s | Women’s)

Good Buys: (left menu > Sort By Price Low)
• Men’s – Tees from Rs. 149 | Polos from Rs. 209 | Shirts from Rs. 249 | Trousers from Rs. 699 | Jeans from Rs. 649 | Winter Wear from Rs. 359 | Footwear from Rs. 149
• Women’s – Tops from Rs. 120 | Kurtis from Rs. 180 | Winter Wear from Rs. 174 | Footwear from Rs. 159

28 Responses to “Zovi Clothing, Footwear & Accessories upto 80% + 5% off + 5% off”

  1. AMIT GARG says:

    @ SMI – Please check

    All 4 discounts add up: (Product Discount + Coupon Discount = Maximum 50% on MRP)
    Upto 70% off:

    both statements are contradictory

  2. imran says:

    there is no 10% off for prepayment.

    please correcct your mistake.

  3. Unknown says:

    There is no polo form 174. its fake. polo starts from 500.

  4. Ruchir says:

    You must buy for atleast Rs. 300 to place an order.
    Even though Elite,only option maybe to make new non elite Account to pay 300 or more which makes little sense in itself as cart item will be the same and other cart additions will be costly.

  5. Vinay T says:

    I received few shirts yesterday and the quality seem to have increased compared to before.

  6. Ashish says:

    Often error arise with zovi coupon.
    I think their is election next month in country.
    Be passion wait & super deals would be there for us.

  7. Abhijit says:

    I request you all not to buy from this offer as this offer is not in buyer’s favor.

    First of all they have hidden all bestsellers ( Try to click on recommendations on the right column, most of them are just photos and cant be opened.)

    Also the discount is counted on MRP which results in increasing the price of item that it was originally listed.
    Try adding 3 shirts being sold at 399 but with MRP 499. In the end the cart will be priced at 998 instead of 798.

    This gimmick is the new trap by all online sites now, yesterday Myntra said 60% discount with SPLASH60 but it too was on MRP only.

    Don’t be cheated.

  8. kaajal says:

    i hate you SMI :-D again you made me shop for 2500/- great work guys

  9. Binoy says:

    buy 2 get 1 free is not working

  10. amit says:

    that not fare if not coupan code applay free shipping
    after apllaed then shipping extra
    that mean after copan applay then product price greter then
    without copan

  11. nikhil says:

    zovi is really good in customer care, after sales services and high quality products.
    prices are also very reasonable.

  12. Vikram says:

    ZOVI rocks! Great & true deals unlike some other websites who have conditions for every deal. Love their products as well. Thanks SMI for sharing the deal info

  13. bims says:

    Is there any solution about to use both scheme 25% + paytm 32 % discount???????????????

  14. Kuldeep says:

    Paytm coupen do not add but increase the amount as the 25% offfer gets deactivate

  15. Abhishek says:

    Not even two coupons are adding up.

  16. arjun says:


  17. S Gurumurthi says:

    Just Sharing Varuns (Thanks Varun) Post – These coupons work – already used two of them myself….

    September 15, 2013 at 9:57 am

    NF2201227958350 / 51/ 52 / 53 and so on Zovi coupons buy for 1000/- and discount worth 500/-, Some coupons may be used so try other…. Enjoy

  18. Loohunter says:

    Im a Regular buyer of Zovi. You can trust them for Quality & Their return n Exchange system was so easy n Quick.
    #Quick process n Delivery
    #Email & Phone Customer care was Good.
    As of now for Clothing Zovi is the best one inbtwn Bunch of Sites I can say ! #ThumpsUp

  19. Ruchir says:

    @Rajesh-After SALE introduction,shipping naturally increased.I remember bought things below 400 had free shipping and now 500+ so for free ship,add 200 more now.

    @Mayank-Simple-Follow same procedure after every addition and subtraction.The inventory will be larger;your job is to select max disc,best product combi.

  20. Mayank Jain says:

    What are the new products? Please indicate.

  21. Rajesh says:

    Guys, they show you a discounted price but when u checkout they add rs.50 as shipping charges and at last the order summary shows shipping free. But you have to pay the extra shipping charges also. Bought a T-shirt, had to pay the extra.

  22. Ruchir says:

    Watch this-http://www.bestylish.com/slippers?dir=asc&order=price.Prices start at 100 and shipping is free till 3 Jan.Things getting out of stock fast.

  23. Adinath says:

    buy a zovi tshirt and puma tshirt, I bet zovi far better quality,ZOVI best in buisness, yebhi took 11 days to pay back my money,zovi took 16 hrs an best part i dont even have to call, but i never wanted refund anyways i wanted size change my bad canceled order

  24. Ruchir says:

    @san-The logic’s prestige is at stake.Please understand first what the problem is.

    @Rohan-Check registered mail and/or regd cell no.

    As far site is concerned,one of the best sites as far as shipping,safety and quality of products.I have heard it sells its brand in supermarkets like Shoppers Stop.You can buy from Zovi blindly.I have purchased 2 wallets and 1 belt by 3 different orders as they were irresistible and Value for money even though nothing was really needed.At sale particularly 40-60%,they are unbeatable on those products by any brand and/or portal as far as value is considered.Give where it is due.

  25. san says:

    guys dont buy from them. i ordered a t Shirt from them yesterday,i made the payment.today when i am looking to that product,they had reduced the amount of that tshirt for about 60 bugs. they are cheating people. when i contacted them about this,they are saying nothing can b done over it.
    please dont buy from them,try other websites.

  26. rohan says:

    can anyone tell 10% off coupon code….

  27. Ruchir says:

    Thx,outstanding rates now along with outstanding products.Bought a wallet 1 month ago with 100 off via paytm at 399.But as more people use more and more e-shopping,by the time one reaches two hours late after start of offer,almost all great deals and all common sizes gone.

  28. Mohd Abrar says:

    I wana latest deal

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